Sunday, November 1, 2009

Men need to step up...but women ain't shit either!!!

Look..I'm so sick and tired of hearing "Niggas ain't shit." If there is a phrase that will send an angry chill down my spine, it is THAT ONE!!!I hate hearing that phrase. Especially when it comes from a woman who isn't doing so much with herself either. Oh and that there are plenty of women who aren't.
One thing that women fail to understand when they are spewing off this endearing phrase is that THEY CHOSE HIM!!! Come on now. Some women need to realize that they chose the mess they got in to. I'm not going to say it is like that all the time BUT there are times when they know they are playing with the odds. Some women say they are attracted to bad guys, sooo what is the surprise when the relationship doesn't work out? what is the surprise when he leaves you looking stupid? This is what you wanted right? The you will hear some lame ass excuse about it wasn't like that in the beginning. So what?!?! If he wasn't shit when you wanted to fool with him, what potion in your pussy do you have to change him? Not to say you aren't special in your own right; but if it's about the pussy, then you're just another statistic.
Again I hear that awful phrase, "Niggas ain't shit" when it comes to parenting. Men are never around for the baby. We don't take care of our responsibilities,etc. Well, once again I have to get on the ladies. Look, there are some mothers out there even with fathers in the life of the child, it's like WTF?!?!? They spoil the child and get mad when they act in the way they were raised. They are so quick, not to discipline, but beat the child. There are some women who struggle enough to raise one child but will mess around and have 4 MORE!!! What the hell?!?! 3 with different fathers. So while you're talking about how men need to step up, some women need to keep them close or HAVE HIM STRAP UP!!! This goes back to my earlier paragraph. If he wasn't "shit" when you met him, why not put on a condom? Because you're just as bright as him!!
I'm going to keep this get where I'm going with this. Stop talking about men like they are the source of your problems and own up to the ones you can control. "Niggas ain't shit" will not apply to us men all the time... Take a look in the mirror...Maybe you aren't shit...think about it.....thank you for taking a look in to My Thoughts...

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Chinye said...

2 snaps, but what if the person making the statement isn't wasting their life away and is acutally just confused as to why most dudes aren't about anything, just on some 'ni**a' sh*t'?