Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cheating Man or Nigga???

So I had to address this nonsense. I have seen a lot of people who have now called Tiger a "nigga." All I can say to you people is FUCK YOU. Tiger woods is a man just like the rest of you. I will not break into Bible to put shame to your sorry bastards. Half of the people who have labeled Tiger Woods a nigga have more than likely had a moment of infidelity one time or another.
When did shortcomings constitute being a nigga? If this is the case, is it OK to point the finger at every black person with a shortcoming now and call them a nigga? I know half of you would hate it if someone outside your race called you a nigga at all of your shortcomings.
Why are we doing it to ourselves? Why are we degrading each other with that word? I would hope everyone learns to grow up and think about what they are saying before they open their mouths. Especially if the term of endearment is being passed in our own race....thank you for taking a look in to My Thoughts...