Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Guest E.P...take a look into Her Thoughts...

Recently I purchased the new Tank "Now or Never" CD (might I add that if you're into classic R&B then it's definitely worth the buck). There's a song on there called 'Celebration' that features Drake. The song describes how Tank wants to celebrate all the things he loves about his woman with some romantic time alone. Overall, the song is a hit. It's pretty much on repeat in my car when I take a ride :)

The bar that stuck out to me the most was when Drake said "They say real girls ain't neva perfect, perfect girls ain't real."

You know what's so crazy about this? Mostly EVERY song or rap nowadays about a lady gives this message to its' listeners. In a nutshell, don't sweat the fake because we see right through it. Ok.... so you say this, but do you really mean it? I mean, let's be realistic. Anyone who will say looks don't matter is telling the lie of all lies. The first thing that attracts you to someone is their physical appearance. From there, you begin to unveil their personality, values, etc.

So if "real girls ain't neva perfect" and "perfect girls ain't real", then why waste time with the fake perfect ones? I mean, you already know that the alluring sight of perfection (long weave, fake eyelashes, booty pads, padded bras) is going to lead to disappointment, then why even try? Why does the girl that is fake from head to toe (literally) get the celebration versus the all natural woman?

My conclusion.... you don't want to be challenged. You want someone who looks awesome next to you, but treats your friends and family like strangers. You want someone who spends most of her time trying to look good for everyone, but you. You want someone who enjoys spending money even though she has a bedroom in her mom's house and no source of income on her own. True some women enjoy playing the dress up with additions, but most women are proud of the fact that their significant other doesn't look like he's seen a ghost when they wake up in the morning. Just an observation....

Like it, love it, hate it.... just listen...

Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm writing this blog as more of the appeal to my sisters of color. It is your time to shine. It is your time to make some changes in the struggles of the Black woman. I look on TV and I look around in the media and there isn't voice to campaign the plight of the forever struggling, forever, ignored, forever unjustly treated by society. Even in policy making for Blacks my sisters are slighted. It's a shame too because Black women are doing their thing in all fields of academia. Policies are made for Blacks but really for Black men, not Black women. Yet, it is our Black sisters who excelling in the fields of academics and in the professional atmosphere. While Black men are being locked up, Black women are graduating. Congratulations my sisters but someone needs to speak up and speak out. I don't mean an Oprah figure who hides behind her money and hear me out. I know she has built schools for kids in Africa and donates to various charities but when has she really spoken up CONSISTENTLY for the Black woman? What can she pillar herself on in regard to the plight of the Black woman? I know she had the Angel Network, which was amazing, but I still can't look at her as a pillar for Black Women. There needs to be more and more voices for Black women. Sister this is your time to take over.
I love the direction that you are heading in but overall there needs to be more done. A lot more done. We have the young black women in this day who are getting pregnant to early because of the lack of guidance. We have a lot of young black women who are dropping out of school. We have a lot of young black women who are prioritizing all the things that keep them hindered in society. Sisters...It's your time to teach those behind you how to be persistent and be successful. Sisters who are college graduates with kids, talk to younger sisters with kids and let them know that they need to keep going and advancing themselves. Sisters give these young girls guidance in what they need to make their priority. Black women need your voices and your work now. There are some influential Black women who are never heard of and do miraculous things. Be their voice too. Speak up and speak put about these women! The future of Black women need to know now. Speak up! I could go on and on but all I'm saying is be the voice to instill pride in the voices of tomorrow...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Are You Satisfied with OUR History???

So as I put in a few of my tweets, I am reading Intellectual Warfare. This book is one of the most critically thinking books that I have ever read in my life. I have to read parts 3 or 4 times over just to understand some of the knowledge held in this book. one of the segments that really lit a fire in me is how there is no multi-pluralism in our education that we received. I mean basically there is not enough of OUR history in these history books. Black people only know a short breath of the history which makes black people proud or can make black people proud. There is minuscule of a fraction devoted to the history of blacks. They call America a melting pot but a melting pot would be true if there wasn't ONE DOMINANT RACE who makes the MAJORITY of the decisions pertaining to the future of America as a whole. Think of our history books, what was the 1 main chapter the got a bit of attention? You guessed it. Slavery! I'm not even going to say the civil rights movement because for some reason we never "make it there" by the end of the year. Slavery. When they talk about slavery most of what is dramatized is how slavery divided the country. There is no real delve into the ferocity of the life of slaves. Just short mentions of it. There is no real explanation of the thought process of the white man as he used his supremacy over blacks. There is no history about how Egypt, country of blacks, were the greatest minds before the Europeans and nomads destroyed their civilization. Plato and Aristotle, two Greeks said to be the greatest thinkers, marvel at the creations of the Egyptians.There is n real mention of the Haitian revolt before the civil war in America!!! What's more heart-wrenching is that when you try to expose this to OUR people....they don't care...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Son/ Daughter...Let's Have a Talk...

One of my friends just left a post on her blog saying that people need to stop "Dating Down" I wholeheartedly agree. People do date down way too often. But I am not writing to beat that home. I left a comment saying I think that's a conversation parents need to be really having with their children. It got me thinking..all the mistakes I have made in relationships, did my folks ever really TALK to me about it? They talked to me about it when the situation presented itself. Most parents will talk about the "birds ad the bees" but nothing too much about the relationship. They tend to say things when we make mistakes like " I raised you better than that!" But the question they should ask is "Did I ever talk to my child to prepare them for this?" Parents say things to their daughters like "Don't get pregnant!" Simple comment but where is the explanation as to why shouldn't they get pregnant. What could be the disadvantages of getting pregnant at an early age s a conversation to have? Not just saying, "Don't get pregnant." Will some of those kids have kids? Of course. You can't save them all but you can at least drop the bug in their ear to make them want to be more careful.
Fathers should talk with their sons as to why we can't treat our women like they aren't women. Mothers need to talk to their daughters about love and why shouldn't they just fall for the 3 words to get them on their backs. Parents need to talk to their children as to why they shouldn't go running for love and they should be patient. It would spare the kids a lot of heartache in the future. Because kids will run to friends first who don't know anything about healthy relationships and what it takes to sustain them. Parents need to have life talks with their children about these topics. I would rather talk to my child about these things early in life than to have my child deal with a tough situation that they aren't somewhat prepared to handle. The next best part, it will create a atmosphere that I can talk to my parents about anything. Instead of seeking aimless advice from friends, they can talk to people who really love them and have their child's best interest in mind...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Wonder Do Black People Get It....

I know this is supposed to be a joke. I can't lie, I found it funny but at what expense is the laughter? It is things like this which is why white people go hard on the President. We have no respect for him in our own culture. I know everyone will say, this is a joke and it's meant to be funny. It's little things like this that white America uses against us. Black people don't want to admit it but damn near everything we do is under scrutiny. Racism is still out there. If you want to be blind, be blind but it exists all around us. I looked at the comments below for the video and this one person @LILMTJ1 got blasted for comments informing people of how this makes people and the president look. They called LILMTJ1 uppity, told them to lighten up, and so on. SWEETCADYK87 said something that basically sums up this post, " Wake the fuck up "BLACK AMERICA" the joke is on us!" Truth. The joke is on us and we perpetuate the joke more and more as we fail to see the sad undertone of this video. Obama has carried himself as a man of humility, integrity, distinction, pride, and principle from his campaign and throughout his presidency. Yet, we belittle all that by delighting in a video that portrays him as arrogant, a weed-smoking, reckless, an adulterer, and so on. No this one video won't ruin his career but inform me where it helps..........hmmm????.......exactly....nothing to say.......

This white guy made me upset by delighting in the mockery of our president. But I couldn't get mad at him when I see that there are a lot of BLACK people who delight in the mockery of our president. We can complain all we want on how the media treats Obama, but are BLACK people any better? Blacks minimize TOO OFTEN!!! They get mad when people of THEIR own color take this seriously but if a white man started talking, now it's a big deal. Separation in our own race. 2PAC said this in his song Changes: " We gotta start making changes, learn to see me as a brother instead of two distant strangers." We have to come together in union to help support each other and uplift each other. We can't play on two different sides of the field. One mind, one voice. White people should never get a chance to be amused at the expense of our leader and "solidarity." I could go on and on...but I will cut it off there..thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Thoughts on Black Marriage Negotiations and Black Dating

These two recent videos of black dating have really sparked my interest. There have been a lot of opinions from black men and black women. Most brothers who I have talked to have all had the same general consensus, the videos are telling the truth!! Here are some comments. My friend Brandon said, " ‎*clapping hands* Whoever are creating these clips I'm giving them a round of applause. They speak the truth." My friend Chris said, " I'm not saying that they all talk like this but a lot of them are reading from the same handbook and it's scary." Marcus said, " The worst part is that there are women out here like that and they bring absolutely nothing to the table and expect a guy to bring everything."

My Thoughts
are...I agree with most of what the videos have to say. Ladies I am a strong advocate for you but I will not ever say that you all are not an enigma to deal with at times. A few things I will touch on in the film. She eludes to what she wants in a man but can't find it when it is sitting right there in front of her. I am so tired of Black women saying there are no good Black men out there. That is a a lie damnit! there are plenty of great Black men in the world but unfortunately Black women tend to look elsewhere. I have seen too many Black women who have aspiring futures in front of them but date someone who doesn't have half the potential she does. He doesn't share the same belief. She thinks she can "help inspire" him get his life together. Let's call a spade a spade. You're trying to change him. THAT WON'T HAPPEN. Then when they get treated improperly, there are no good Black men. Look in the mirror!!! Listen to Jazmine Sullivan I'm in Love with Another Man to see if I'm lying. She depicts the Black man that a lot of women are looking for but yet she still turns her back on him. I know most will say follow your heart, and I agree, but she had a great man that most black women want and she still betrayed him. Another thing I found interesting was the fact when talking about submission, she believe everything in the Bible but this. SMH. In my opinion, I think women feel that they are losing a part of themselves when they submit to a man. But if they opened up their eyes, they would see that man is willing to submit to them too. If he loves you the way you want, then your submission should be out of love because if he is a good man, he will treat you like the queens you are. I hate to say it like this, but White women, in my opinion, are better at submitting to their husbands than Black women which could be a reason why they have a much higher marriage rate. A man won't marry a woman who won't submit. If he does, he is a fool.
Another thing I have to address, is the declination of sex in the relationship she speaks of in the video. If women do this, they are treading the waters. You can't go from 4 times a week to 4 times a month in an instant. He's got needs you were willing to satisfy at one point. You know your man. You know when he needs his medicine lol. One more thing that pissed me off about this video. When the man was willing to submit to her stipulations, he is weak. It's like, what the heck do you want?!?!?! That is a man who sees the potential in starting a future with you that he will put his pride aside and try to make it work. (FYI:There is no room for egos in a good relationship) But he gets called weak. Well, fuck you!!! Sorry for the language but I had to say it.

In video number 2, we have a girl who starts off the video with breaking up with a man on the path to success. Once again we have a good black man who is about to do something with his life and his woman is asking for some unreal things. She goes down a list of guys she wants and all have extreme flaws. My point in bringing up that list is to highlight that some Black women have a very poor selection in men. My favorite was the Lebron James situation. A man who won't commit. I have met so many women who have ambiguous titles with the men they deal with. There is no real commitment to them but yet they still want to be with him. She can date him for months and still no commitment. She can give him all the things a good woman could give and still no commitment. Rather than get with with a good brother who is willing to commit, they vest their time in that dead end situation. Another thing that I had to touch was the crazy accusations when a man won't fight for her. Look, if you're not worth fighting for, what's the point in wasting time. She made herself look deplorable but gets mad when a man won't fight to save the relationship. If you were worth fighting for, trust me, that man would bug you to the point of insanity. Another thing I had to touch on was the social network stalking. My gosh. This one goes for everybody. We can not stalk our mates on social networks. That isn't right. Remember, your mate has other friends besides you of BOTH sexes. Just because you're in the picture doesn't mean he or she drops their friends. Who knows, in a week or two, you may not be around. The last thing I have to touch on. STOP LETTING TV DETERMINE YOUR GOOD RELATIONSHIP. Half of what you see is true in determining what will work in a good relationship. Take the time to know your man and let you two determine a good relationship.

Look, I don't despise the Black woman. I love the Black woman. The darker the better lol. No offense to the caramel macchiato sisters. I just won't bite my tongue at things I see as true. I have mad love for the sisters of this world and I always will. But I must stand up for the brothers...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do We Hate Our Women???

When I tell you love black women...I mean it. I love their style, their walk, their pride, their strength, their get the picture. I especially love the chocolate sisters. Chocolate sisters are definitely my weakness. Much love to the light skinned women but ehhhh....get your weight up lol. I think black women are strong. They deal with so much from the outside. They have two things working against them which makes it hard for them to be respected as they should. 1. They're Black. 2. They're Women. It's hard enough being a woman in America. Even white women still can't get an even break. BUT to BLACK on top of that is an even harder mountain to climb at time. In some points of view, they are at the bottom of the food chain. Women, as a whole, have it hard enough getting equal treatment. You know it's rough when white women don't want to include you in the struggle. IT'S A SHAME TO SEE THAT BLACK MEN TREAT BLACK WOMEN LIKE THEY ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN TOO....

I was riding home with my frat brothers listening to a song and it appalled me that we are the only race to speak so low of our women publicly. We degrade them in our music terribly. We talk about them as they are worthless. When an artist is saying the word "bitch" in a song..He;s not talking about every race. I don't want to hear that. He knows he is talking about a black chick. I was happy to hear that Spelman had a problem with that song. Good for them. As black men, we are doing a horrible job of displaying the best sides of black women. When we are calling them video hoes and portraying them as objects more than women, we are hurting their cause for equal rights. We are also carrying on a legacy of black women being treated with such contempt, in OUR OWN RACE ESPECIALLY!!! I was listening to "Keep Ya Head Up" by 2Pac. The lyrics that got to me were, "I wonder why we take from our women/ Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?" I have to ask..Do we hate our women??? What is it that keeps lack men belittling them instead of uplifting the, The little negative things that we do to black women give more life to negative things that other races will adopt. Going back to the display of black women in videos, black women have a great shape. Black women have some of the sexiest curves known to man. Instead of parading them around as a women to be used and disposed of after, parade her around in the video as someone to be adored. I know someone will be reading, it's just a video but like I said, it's the little things that we give life to.

My next favorite line from that song from Pac is, "I think it's time to kill for our women/Time to heal our women, be real to our women/And if we don't we'll have a race of babies/ That will hate the ladies, that make the babies." He is so true. Black men need to do more to protect and uphold the image of black women. They need to do everything they can to protect her in every possible. I'm hard on black women but I am down for them. I understand that some weren't protected or guided by influential black men in their lives. The treatment that they may receive from black men later can hugely affect their mindset. We need to protect their image too for those who come behind us. This cycle of women being disrespected should not be passed on to the next generation. The status of women cannot continue to be diminished year by year. Black women make so many great strides too. They are graduating at higher rates than black men. They are gaining access to positions black men are still fighting for in life. How can we, as black men, continue to degrade them if they are doing so much more than us? We need to celebrate their achievements and everything else which makes them great...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Does the Black Church Keep Black Women Single?"

At first onset, I was laughing my butt off when I first read this. I couldn't believe that something like this would even be fathomed. I have always heard as a kid, " The best place to find a spouse is right here in the church." They didn't say it had to be your own church but in the church nonetheless. You hear pastors all the time telling women to look in the church for their husband. there is an insistence on it which I believe comes from a good place with in these pastors to iterate that to women.

But according to relationship advice columnist Deborrah Cooper, it is this devout style of belief and attachment to the black church that is keeping black women like Davis -- single and lonely. Cooper said, "Black women are interpreting the scriptures too literally. They want a man to which they are 'equally yoked' -- a man that goes to church five times a week and every Sunday just like they do." "If they meet a black man that is not in church, they are automatically eliminated as a potential suitor. This is just limiting their dating pool."

Let me share My Thoughts to this paragraph. I'm probably going to sound biased in this matter and that's ok with me. I am a Christian and won't apologize for this or bite my tongue. First off this lady is generalizing pretty badly. There are a lot of women who go to church a lot but not every woman is on the board of deacons or directors at church, especially with the more emergence of mega-churches. I think equally yoked is more alon the lines of your faith. My uncle works a shift of 3PM-11Pm Monday thru Saturday. My aunt is able to go to church more often than he did during the week. My uncle is still a deacon of the church because he is a true follower of Christ. My uncle works in every capacity he can for our church and is always professing his faith in Christ unashamedly. My aunt is a devout Christian too. She is very faithful to God and a true warrior for God. This is what it means to be equally yoked. Both of them share the same beliefs, live to serve God, and submit to his will while going in the same direction. This is what it means to be equally yoked. Church attendance does not prove anyone to be a Christian. If a woman meets a man who is not going in the same direction as her in regards to a faith that can create unwarranted problems. I think it would be better to date a limited pool rather than date someone you would never be happy with long-term.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, a professor at Syracuse University and advocate for African-American issues, responded to Cooper's article online. Though he applauded Cooper's courage to voice her opinion , he agreed -- and disagreed -- with her.
"I don't think the church keeps black women single," Watkins says. "But I do agree that some black churches teach women that they must only date a man that goes to church regularly."
Watkins, who is African-American and whose father is a Southern Baptist minister, described his interactions with southern women who are devout churchgoers. "I am a male and I know that I will treat a woman well, but I have been rejected many times because I don't thump a bible with me everywhere that I go."

My Thoughts to this is those churches are misguided. Yes I said it. I believe there are people who use more a slave mentality to the Bible rather than actually taking the time to understand the knowledge being shared. I was talking to a Frat brother of mine and we were discussing Exodus 14:14. " The Lord will fight for you. Be Still" I have beard pastors improperly preach about this. They say, " Be still and don't do anything. God will take care of it for you. You need to be still" Stop trying to fix the problem. God will fix it for you. That bill you can't pay, God will pay it for you. He already has." Idiots. Some preachers don't go into the depth needed in that verse. It more or less is telling people to exert patience in God that he will take care of it for you. God will send messages your way to enable you to handle the problem. God may set some extra hours for you at your job to work. That could be your solution. He will make a way for you if you're patient and believe in Him. Money won't fall out the sky, not to say it couldn't if God ordains it. But you get my point.

One of biggest reasons black women are single, Cooper says, is because of a lack of black men in the church. According to the PEW study, "African-American men are significantly more likely than women to be unaffiliated with any religion (16 percent vs. 9 percent). Nearly one-in-five men say they have no formal religious affiliation."
Watkins believes the social structure of the church keeps black men from attending. "Those appealing, high-testosterone guys have a hard time getting into the 'Follow the leader, give me your money, and listen to what I have to say' attitude."
"Many of us have a difficult time submitting to the pastor who is just another man."

My Thoughts on this is.....they may have a point. I have to admit that there is a serious declination of black men in the church this day and age. There are too many sporadic comings and goings on men in the church. They prioritize other things in the place of their salvation. You have a lot of fathers who will go to church on the "big" days like Easter, Christmas, and New Years Day. I admit, I usually don't like to give money in the Pastor's envelope. I think, "There are over 500 people in here with 4 different services and this man still needs a separate envelope." I'm not saying this is always the best way to think about it but this is just how I feel. It is tough for some men to totally submit to the teachings of another man. Think about the stereotype of fathers who never want to pull over to ask for directions despite the insistence of the wives to pull over. What man wants to be told by another man, you aren't capable of getting your family from point A to point B. Another man will be the reason why my family makes it there.
Mark K. Forston, son of a black preacher in Forest Park, Georgia, says some black women "put their pastor on this pedestal and have a large amount of faith in him because he is a living source of salvation."

My Thoughts on this matter...I agree again!!! I'm going to keep this part short. There are TOO MANY WOMEN WHO GLORIFY THEIR PASTORS/PREACHERS/REVERENDS LIKE THEY WERE BORN OF GOD INSTEAD OF CHRIST!!!

Rev. Renita J. Weems says Cooper fails to examine deeper threads. "What the black church does and what religion does is helps you create core values for your life and allows you to see what you appreciate in others.
"The reason why black women who go to black churches are not married is because they are looking for certain values in a man," Weems says. "It is not the church that keeps them single, but the simple fact that good values are lacking in some of our men."

My Thoughts...I agree with her. She sums it up well in my opinion. I don't have to beat a dead horse on this one.
Overall, I can agree with certain things from Cooper and I have to disagree with her on some points. I can see what the big uproar was about when this story broke. But I will say this, some women need to think about some of her points..thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Negotiated Infidelity: Problem Solver or Problem Starter?

This is a real question folks. I came across this story about a month ago and it intrigued me.

Holly Hill says that if a woman takes the time to truly examine her relationship and considers Mother Nature's unerring spell on men's libidos, she might realize that letting her boyfriend or spouse know she's OK with him having sex elsewhere is a logical way to prevent him from doing it in secret.

"I think that cheating men are normal," says Hill. "Monogamous men are heroes. Monogamy does have a place in relationships, but not on the long-term. Men are hard-wired to betray women on the long-term."

The author also goes on to say, "It is more powerful for a woman to negotiate infidelity than to wonder why her spouse is coming home late."

I was taken abreast by this topic. I can see both sides of the argument. Problem solver because there are no secrets. One thing we hate in relationships is secrets. A lot of people in relationships feel there should be an unexplained, nonnegotiable openness. One thing you hear in cheating relationships is, "He made me look like a fool." Well you can eliminate this problem by knowing your husband is having relations with another woman. So there is a peace of mind??? Another thing to attribute to this negotiated infidelity is that it can keep the arguments and tension out of your marriage/relationship. Think about it. Let me throw you a scenario. If you have seen the movie Why Did I Get Married, Terry is in a relationship where his wife is pursuing a big career as an attorney and not spending little to any time with him. Terry is upset about the intimacy being gone in the relationship. She is frustrated at his beckoning for her time. Hypothetically, if she let him have a mate on the side, this could have lowered his expectations on her for some of these things. He wouldn't be complaining about sex or someone to spend time with from time to time. Another thing is that you can come back to the relationship when the time of you not having time is over. The wife won't be busy forever. Those are just some examples. I could go on but let me stop there.

Well, on to the problem starter. Negotiated infidelity can work, yes it can, if both parties are on board. If both parties aren't totally on board with the idea, it can create problems down the line. If the wife is kind of shaky about it, you can run into some arguments. If a wife, who agreed to the negotiated infidelity, wants her husband's time but he is with the other woman that can create a lot of problems. She can go off on him for not paying her the attention that he may have wanted from her. Going to my point earlier of the spouse being too busy, she won't be busy forever. She will want some her time too. Another thing that can cause problems too is if the man gets very attached/dependent on the other woman instead of his wife. What if he was inviting the other woman out to places with him instead of his wife? What if it became more than just about sex? Think about when the wife frees up her schedule and wants to cut off the negotiated infidelity. Can you really go back to monogamous relationship? I doubt it.

Thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It takes a village to raise a child. Where is the village?

I know we have heard the old saying it takes a village to raise a child. I have to ask the question, where is the village? What happened to those who used to be responsible for raising the children? Are they even fit now to raise the child? This is a true question. Right now I am in between jobs due to my division closing two months ago. So I am out and about more and more. I am paying attention at all fronts to what's going on in the community. I observe interactions between parents and their children. I observe the way the community has such indifference and it alarms me. I went to an Open House at my cousin's school; there were so many parents who were not present!! There were about 75 parents there in a school well over 300. The Open House was announced three weeks in advance and was on a Saturday on top of it, early Saturday. We cry for change. We cry that our kids get a fair shot in life. We cry that politicians and educators do more for the community for these kids. But why should someone else invest more in the kids when we aren't investing at all? I worked in education. I've seen kids in second grade reading worse than a kindergartner. I tend to wonder, who wasn't reading at home with this child. Where were the parents? Where is the support for this child to succeed? Why are you allowing them to be behind before they can compete? Then we expect everyone else to bring our child up to speed. The school is failing them. No, no. You failed them first when you didn't invest in their potential. What happened to the use of the church and friends to help out? In my culture, any adult has the right to let you know when you are at fault. They feel it's their responsibility to you to set you in the right direction. In this culture, you say something to a child, you aren't supposed to. I see why there is indifference. I don't accept it though. I never will. I will be just as hard on any kid because I want to see them be better than I ever will be. There are more resources afforded to this generation than what I had available. The community needs to rally behind each other and push them in the direction of success. If it's affecting our growth, say something!! If it's affecting the advancement of the community, say something!!! Do something!! We protect all the wrong stereotypes, persons, and misguided values. Let's protect what's good in the community. I could go on and on but I'm going to ease back. I just hope the village gets it together...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be...

"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be" by John Wooden. I can't take credit for this quote. I was listening to the recent events of of the rapper T.I.. In a "routine" traffic stop, they puled over T.I. and and Tiny. There was an aroma of marijuana in the car. The police searched the car and found a controlled substance. My first thought' " Didn't this fool get an MTV special Road to Redemption?" Then all I could think was I am extremely disappointed in this guy. You are looked at by a lot of people and for you to rob your fans again because of another decision to change you couldn't uphold.
It is sad how many T.I.'s we run into in our lives. It is sad that sometimes, we are the T.I.'s of the world. I hope that people really take the time to understand when it's time to change, it's time to change. You are setting yourself up to fail repeatedly doing things the exact same way that landed you in a predicament. You are setting yourself up to feel things about yourself and others when you refuse to change from your current state. If your way has been wrong for so long, what makes you feel it will be right this time. I pray for T.I. and Tiny. I hope both of them get their lives in order. T.I. needs to understand he is above nothing in this world. We are all susceptible to the same failures and fate despite our bank account, our status, and our pride. Every time you choose to never change, you choose to fail. It's OK to fail. Failure spurns growth and change. Being content with your failure is another story. I wonder if T.I. is content with his shortcomings. Ignorance can no longer be an excuse. As publicized as celebrity, athlete, political, etc. failures are publicized, you know where you don't want to be in life. I believe failure is a part of life, growth, and success. Failure is to be learned from, not bound by....thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are Blacks Hopelessly Inferior???

When I first heard this question being posed by Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks, I was intrigued by this question. I thought about it and actually began leaning towards answering yes. I was ready to condemn Blacks to this fate. For that, I would be wrong. I was having lunch with a friend, Melissa, Monday and she said, " Every time I look at you, Darryl, and Alex it gives me hope that there are Black men doing something with themselves." It hit me because we serve as the reminder for her that there are good black men. I thought about my former job. I was a Site Manager for an after school tutoring company. It made me think about every time I taught a child a new concept and to look at the smile on their face because they know they learned something new. I can hear their voices," Mr. Daniel, come look. I did it!" Similar to my the hopes of my friend Melissa, in a different manifestation, those children give me hope that Blacks are not hopelessly inferior. As long as Blacks are willing to try, we will never be hopelessly inferior.
I will say this, Blacks must do a better job of carrying the torch that was initially passed on by former leaders of the civil rights movement and even the leaders back to the times of slavery. Blacks are a strong race with so much potential. They have invented many things, participated in many academic arenas, have partaken in different forms of politics, led historic movements, etc. There is no reason for the down turn of this new era. Are there things weighing against blacks? Absolutely. But it was the resilience of Blacks to never be broken that willed them to where they are now. Now Blacks are being broken by their own people and some of their own doing, which is a travesty to me. The image that is becoming prevalent is one of complacency, violence, disorganization, and every other negative stereotype you can assert. That wasn't always the case and I refuse to believe is the case now. But what is being taught to these children? What values are Blacks instilling in them? What hope is being left to these children? What will they aspire to be when there is an insufficient amount of aspiration in the community? Many communities of broken homes, complacency, violence, and sometimes poverty. I pray that Blacks wake up and realize how great they are, how great they've been, and how great they can be...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So You Think You're Special....You're Not

I was having a conversation with someone a few days back. In that conversation, I said something pompous about I can have anyone I want if I tried. Listen, before you all get the side eye on me. Anyone can have anyone they want. She said that's not true because everyone is different. I said not really. As special as we all like to think we are, we really are not as unique as some would like to believe.
I know some of you are thinking, that's a lie. It's not. My logic in this is everyone has a base. Everyone has a foundation to them. Everyone has a base to them which can be asserted to another person. Example, if a girl is looking for a guy who is hood. If she looks on the corner of a block at 5 guys. There is a base to all of them that she could play on. She could use that base to acquire any one of the men out of that group. If a guy wanted a girl who is wholesome, there is some type of base that he can draw off of to figure that person out and how to go about attaining this person. The hardest part will be getting the person to divulge about themselves initially. But once they do, and you understand that base about the person, you got them.
We all would like to believe that we are so unique and such a free spirit. You're really not. Sorry to say it like that but you're not. Think of the age old phrase, show me who your friends are and I can tell you who you are. Why is that? Because your friends have a similar base as you to where another person ca figure you out just like everyone else can. There is a base formula to who you are as a person. If I take A characteristics about you + B characteristics, they will = C, your base and who you are. After C, there may be little nuances about you that make you a bit more distinguishable, but that's about it....thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Monday, July 12, 2010

There is Another Day to Fight....

There is another to fight always people. Remember that. I hit a stretch recently when I was really kind of down about a few things in life. One thing I was constantly forgetting that there is another day to fight. I let myself beat up on myself about what was not happening for me at that moment in my life. I failed to realize that there is still another day to give it a good shot. I feel that a lot of us forget that there is another day to fight. We get so wound up in that moment and we start to break down. We start to succumb to our shortcomings AT THAT TIME. Your shortcomings can be temporary or they can remain permanent. It's up to you to get up and do something about it people. You have to realize that your weeping MAY endure for the night. But with tomorrow, comes joy in the morning light. That next day represents another opportunity to get it right! The past is the past. Let it go. But the present going into the future, be the master of your fate. I'm a firm believer in Jesus so I will tell you, invite God into this future and let him fight the next day with you. Instead of trying to run away from your problems, invite God in the middle of your problems. I promise you, you will see a change. you just have to get your butt up and make it happen for yourself. Carpe Diem. Seize the DAY or better yet look forward to tomorrow...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

L-O-V-E....Do you know what that is????

A while ago, I was having a conversation about love to one of my friends and she asked me, strike that, told me love is subjective. I told her she is wrong. We went at it for about 30 minutes of her trying to make me agree with her on some level. I only agreed that people do have definitions of love. Not in concession of my viewpoint. I agreed only because I said a lot of people do not know what love is in its true definition which is why love is seen to be subjective. Love is clearly defined. I'm an unashamed Christian. The Bible clearly tells us what love is and what love isn't. Read 1Corinthians Chapter 13 if you don't believe me or 1 John Chapter 4 or Romans Chapter 13, There are clear definitions of what love is and what love isn't. Where is the subjectivity in those passages? There is none. I accredit people thinking love is subjective due to the fact they don't know true love. They haven't experienced true love. She the asked me should all people love the same? I said yes. If there is a clear definition of what love is, then essentially love should be the same all across the board. I shouldn't love you more and love someone else less. That is not love in its purity. Another thing people do when they read the definition of love is they make truths for themselves. Example. You ever gave someone advice and realize they only heard the part that favored them but missed the other half of the advice which was just as important? That is what I mean. A lot of people find different ways to make love subjective but truly it is not subjective. Love is what it is. Love isn't conditional or situational. Love is what it is and will remain that way. I don't write this to say people will never experience true love BUT just to clarify that it isn't something to be dissected into different deviations and truths....thank you for taking a looking into My Thoughts.....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day...Are they appreciated???

Yesterday was Father's Day. A good day. A day to be remembered. A day that should be really publicized. A day where fathers should be hailed as king of their thrones. Man...........that day came and went. I swear half of you forgot it was father's day too. I saw so many people scrounging for a card talking about "damn, I shouldn't get that nigga nothing. He just paid the bills." I wanted to slap the hell out that girl ( I don't hit women). That is the lack of respect fathers get nowadays. Nowadays, I feel, most fathers aren't celebrated the way they should be celebrated. I didn't hear WGCI auctioning off no Father's day brunch, no Father's day concerts, no Father's day anything!!! Why because a dad's role in the family is under appreciated in my opinion. You may not agree but it's true. Then so many want to shout on all the mothers playing dads on the radio. Look, I commend all mothers who have to take on dual roles. I think it's an amazing thing to do. That's just messed up you won't hear anything about the fathers playing dual roles too. Just because a chick got custody of the kids doesn't mean she should have those kid. The movie Daddy's Little Girls exposes that well. Another thing that pissed me off is 92.3 is playing a song talking about" I didn't have no daddy around when I was growing, that's why I'm wild and don't give a f**k" On Father's Day!!! That is a damn slap in the face!!! I heard Boyz II Men A Song for Mama and Tupac Dear Mama countless times on the radio that day. You won't hear Doo Doo Brown on Mother's Day. Good gosh no!!! But on Father's Day you have the audacity to play that?!?!? Fathers are very unappreciated these days. A lot of people peg them for what they aren't doing rather than what they are doing. It's a damn shame. ....thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Keep it Up

I just have a short post that I wanted to say today. It's nothing new or profound. Probably something that you have heard before. Whenever you're doing something positive, keep it up. Don't be deterred by anything. The road traveled will not always be a breeze but just keep doing what you're doing. Along the way, you don't know who you are impacting. You don't know who is looking at you for some type of motivation or inspiration. I do something small on my part every week but when it wasn't done, people called me out on it. I like to send out a word of encouragement every Monday. This week I didn't and a few friends of mine, called me out on it. it's encouraging to know that people flock to your positivity. That's why I am saying, just keep doing what you're doing people. When it's positive, don't let the obstacles along the road traveled deter your from your destination....thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Transitions. How many of you are making those right now?? How many of you are thinking about making one in a little bit? How many of you have yet to make one? How many of you are too scared to make one? What is a transition defined as? A passage from one form, state, style, or place to another. I was listening to my friends during my Regionals talking about they need to make some serious moves in life. They don't want to feel like they are making a drastic change to their lives. I told them to look at their lives just in a state of transition. Not in a total state of change. I think if we all look at life kind of like that, it would help with our optimism in life.

There is no way in life that you will remain in the same state for your whole life. You have to do somethings in life to progress yourself despite how you evaluate that success. If you plan to progress in life, you have to make a change to your state of mind. You have to make a change in possibly where you live. You already have the foundation set in you but you have to change it up just a bit. Transition is also described as a modulation. A modulation is defined as the act of modifying or adjusting according to due measure and proportion. If you are making more money in your job and you will want to adjust some thing sin your live according to this proportion in your life. You have to adjust some things in life to better yourself. You are simply transitioning from one place to another. You can't look at it like a drastic change. It isn't. You have laid the ground work in some form or fashion, now be ready to build off that foundation....thank you for taking a look into MY Thoughts...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chicago: The City of Wind?? Or War??

Chicago. My city. My Home. My comfort. Now my comfort is slowly but surely turning to anything but comfort. It s turning into a city of violence and just murder. It is sad what is happening to my lovely home. It offers a lot of good thing s too. It offers great scenery, great food, great history,etc. It's a shame what the city is turning too. Now they are talking about bringing the national guard into the Chi. I want to say we don't need it but I am leaning towards the fact thatw e do. In fact, I want to say i know we do. We have had some of the most heinous deaths in Chicago. Shooting s have gone up too. Thank God they are not dying but shooting still continues to be a problem. I would love to rehabilitate these felons but after the story of a two-year old getting shot in the head recently, rehabilitation can take a back seat for a year or two. I just want these people off the streets and incarcerated for years to come. I wanted to go into a list of reasons as to why I feel this way doesn't matter right now..the only thing that matters is that we clean up this city one criminal at a time....thanks for a taking a look into My Thoughts...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is This Who You Are???

I was sitting down having a conversation with a friend of mine and we were talking about social networks. We were talking about how we have put ourselves out there to be on these networks. We were talking about some of these younger individuals and how they are putting themselves out there on these social networks. You see people who are known for being so vulgar, so sexual, so cruel, lack of discretion. He then made a remark about one person I know that he met on a social network. Before he told me who it was, he was telling me about how she was portraying herself to be this and that on this social network. She uses the dirtiest language and had some explicit content on the Internet about herself. Then he dropped the bomb on me and told me who is the culprit. I was shocked. I know this girl very well and she isn't half of what she portrays herself to be on that network..or is she??
I then went into some of my own self reflection..who am I portraying myself to be on these social networks?? When people backtrack me, what will they see?? I had to catch myself on that for real. I know who I am and what I would like to be seen as publicly. I have since having this conversation been much more attentive of what I am putting out on these networks. I still will be who I am. I just pay more attention as to what I am putting out there. I look at some people on these social networks and I think, this who you are really as a person?? I have seen people on these social networks degrade people so publicly and I wonder do they ever get that "pause" to think what if someone did that to them?? What does this say about your character?? I was talking to a friend who laughed because she said all these Christians praising God on Sunday were talking 4 hours ago how they were "getting it" in the club or drinking til they pass out. She called them hypocrites. I didn't want to go that far but that is what they portray themselves to be. It's hard for me to defend them. People will make some critiques on your character by what is presented to them.
I really hope this message finds you well people. I just really feel we all need to be a little more conscious of what we are presenting ourselves to be on these networks. If someone just comes across on your profile on any of these networks...a valid question they can as is : Is this who you are?? it? ......Thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Real Love Songs...Where did they go?

Who remembers the days of Boy II Men "On Bended Knee?" Dru Hill "Never Make a Promise?" Eric Benet "Spend My Life With You?" Real songs. Real R&B music. These songs spoke of true love. These songs warmed the heart. These were all songs that you could play that would remind you of that significant other. I remember when Never Make a Promise came out. I was really too young to understand it but I knew it spoke of a man really loving his woman. I later grew to really appreciate this song for what it was trying to convey. It conveyed true symptoms of a true love. One of my favorite all time songs of love will be 112- Crazy Over You. That could potentially be a wedding song for me. Let's look at a couple lyrics. "And now that I have you babe I promise I'll never leave Cuz you are the only one that makes my love complete... " How often are we hearing these words now? Now we are talking about serving people "Papers" than talking about marriage. What happened to the music...??? My Thoughts are....

Let's break it down. Look at music now. We have no real male artists who speaks of real love. Most male artists now are so sexually driven. A popular song out now is by R.Kelly-Pregnant. "Girl, You make me wanna get you pregnant." Don't tell me that shit is flattering because it's not. That passes as a compliment now?? That passes for telling your woman she is beautiful?? C'mon Son. It is really hitting home that he just wants to have sex with you. No mention of his feelings in the song! No mention of what you mean to him in the song! I'm all for songs that make a woman feel sexy but damn, this is all that's out now. I just caught wind of a song today that says, " Girl your face ain't all that but your booty makes up for that?? My gosh, I hope women don't take that as a compliment. He basically said you're ugly. Most songs are driven off pure fantasy. Instead of what warms the heart, most are thinking what gets the pussy wet. Why is that??? My Thoughts are...

We live in a very, very sexual culture. Love is still existent but not as prevalent as it used to be. A girl giving her body away used to mean a lot. A girl giving her body away now can just be for kicks and giggles i.e. the FAMU sex tape. They aren't the first to do it but my gosh. "This is college life." Fucking bust downs....OK I'm back. That tape is an example of how we just use sex now for fun. If love is not a thing of issue as it used to be, I don't blame artists for playing their music down to a level that solely promotes a woman's or man's fantasy. Love songs aren't what people really want to hear nowadays, well this newer generation. Now we want songs that speak of people touching you here, sucking you there, and licking you wherever...R&B is nothing more than just music to get the party started in your pants.

I really see no hope of music returning to the point where love will be the focal point. I don't see music returning to the point where certain LOVE songs are what sells the most. Best song right now on the Bil board charts for R&B??? Robin Thicke Sex shock...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My greatest enemy is my inner me...

I was having a chat with a bro of mine about our procrastination. We were both going on and on about how we are letting it kills us. It is definitely getting in the way of where we want to be and where we could be in life. I know I have let it disqualify me from things I should have partaken in. Procrastination is a killer. It is just another way that we kill ourselves without purposeful suicide. Lupe Fiasco said, " My greatest enemy is my inner me." He is right. That little voice in our heads telling us this and that can be put off for something that will not add anything to our lives is our greatest enemy. We let it talk ourselves out of opportunities that could have been the best thing for us.
We need to find a new inner me. A new voice that will tell you just GET YOUR ASS UP and do it. I have my times when I switch voices but I know which one deserves listening. We all have our inner me's which prevent us from a lot of things like a new job, new relationships, new adventures, etc. Find the new inner you which just tells you: JUST DO IT!! Risk it all or dare to keep dreaming. Live the dream!!! Just get your feet moving. It will be best for you.....thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sisters Need Love Too....

Recently, Essence has a magazine cover with Reggie Bush on it. The issue said "Live Your Fantasy"...10 of the sexiest black men. The guy is an ideal choice: young, rich, well-built,etc. Essence magazine is known for being devoted to BLACK WOMEN. The magazine that most black women read for fashion, gossip, healthy lifestyles, relationships, etc.
Well, this ploy to clearly exploit the man at a good time, Superbowl, totally backfired. I mean a Twitter #fail. here are some responses from women upset with Essence.
This Brotha don’t dig us, so why, pray tell, do we have to see his face staring back at us, on a magazine that celebrates US? This disappoints me. It’s an insult! Later for Reggie Bush and all the other Brothas who turn their back on the black woman once they are successful.
“Why put a man who clearly prefers the bottom of the barrel of white women than a good black woman on your cover? Clearly, he has no love for the sisters. This magazine is supposed to empower black women not remind us of the disadvantages that we face in today’s society. Please don’t insult our intelligence.”

I understand why so many black women are up in arms about it. I will admit there are too many brothers who are leaving black women to venture out to white women. One of my followers of my blog said that, "Essence was irresponsible." I can understand why she is saying this about Essence. is where I leave my thoughts.....I am not a black woman but I don't really feel that Essence made a huge mistake. He is dating a white woman. When did one white woman become the sign he has no love for the sisters??? When has Reggie said, I will never date a sister?? What if this woman makes him truly happy?? Yes, I know he cheated but it's Reggie. I don't think anyone should be crucified for their preference in a PERSON. Damn race. In the end, it's all about the person. I will openly admit, I believe stick to your own color lines BUT I understand that at essence, it's the person who makes you happy. Also, let's be honest, many women love Reggie Bush and his physique. Let him drop that white girl and we aren't having this conversation. 6 months later they can throw him on the cover and no one will say anything.

She also said something else I found interesting..."what are we teaching are black men?" OK, I feel that we teach PEOPLE, back men included, be with who makes you happy. I think we assume it is implied that they are supposed to be with their own race. As a child, your parents may have made some reference to you about sticking to your own but was it taught?? No. Don't lie. I really don't think that is a conversation parents drive home. There was a time when interracial relationships just didn't happen. This is a new day and age. The whole implication that we are just supposed to be with your race....doesn't apply. If one feels that strongly about it, we need to say something. ....thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is 2 YearsLong Enough??

I had a debate with one of my friends. She said that in two years of dating someone you know if you are going to marry them or not. I was like, ummm no. I just do not agree with that notion that two years is enough to know if you are going to marry someone. But I will say two years is long enough to get an idea are they potential to be married. Add-2 said it best in his song Martin and Gina."When it comes to relationship, in beginning you never meet the real them, just a representative." It is always so good in the beginning because everything is so fresh and fun. No real work has to be put in the relationship to make sure it survives. You guys are just feeling each other out which I think should last for at least a month. After about 6 months you two start somewhat investing time into each other. This is a period where one still feels hesitant to be themselves and speak out on what really annoys them. They are still at that stage where a little issue can be taken out of context with no strings to really keep them around.
Slowly more of the person is starting to come out. Their representative is not there as often and you are beginning to deal with he real them more often. Not to say you weren't dealing with them before but think about how much comfortable you become as time advances....think about it.....Feel me?? I thought you would. So more and more time passes and now you two have seen each other for who you are. A year in. Now after a year, every damn thing that annoyed you will begin to spew out over time. Leads to more arguments and disagreements. Now you could be one of those fools who wants to change them and manage how you feel the relationship should be heading. Now there are more and more arguments. One didn't know the other was like that.
Long story short, there are too many things to discover about a person to definitively say that after two years of dating we ARE going to be married. Like I said earlier, that is a sufficient amount of time to know if they have potential to be married. Also as I have been saying, there is more to learn about a person over time. Two years is plenty of time to keep them in mind to be potential but not to KNOW if you are to be wed in matrimony....Thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hurt Me Soul

I was tutoring this little girl earlier today and it just really hurt my soul as I was tutoring her. She couldn't add using her fingers and she was in the 2nd grade. She had problems reading words that she is supposed to know. She was getting frustrated because she felt the work was too above her level. The look of defeat was in her eye. The frustration had set in terribly.
It's sad how children are getting the sense of defeat at such an early age...Help our children out. it does not matter if they are yours or not. We all need to unite as one to get the task done. No getting around it....Do SOMETHING!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Devastation Continues...

For those of you who may not know, Haiti was just hit with another aftershock. The aftershock was a 6.1 on the Richter Scale. That's a hell of an aftershock. The situation down in Haiti is getting more and more bleak. The people there I am sure are becoming more and more discouraged as more and more time presses on. I can only imagine what they are going through. I know myself I am just getting more and more saddened as more pictures, stories, and phone calls telling of death in the country are being released.
I want to say it's not fair what is going on with them but all I know this is the will of God. I am really not able to understand the meaning of such suffering. I will be the first to admit that. this is 25+ aftershocks after a 7.3 Richter Scale earthquake. I want to say to God, "that's it!! They've had enough!!!" But I must understand his wisdom far surpasses mine. His vision is much farther than mine will ever be. I ask that God hold the families in Haiti and those who have family in Haiti who are facing more tragic problems daily.
This makes me put some things in perspective. There are some things I should never complain about. When this hits so close to home, it really makes me think that there are people who have it way worse than I ever will...I hope people truly understand that. I hope I gain more wisdom and insight from this horrid events..I pray my faith is strengthened. I hope many find God....thank you for taking a look into my My Thoughts...

Monday, January 18, 2010

What About Malcolm???

We all remember the profound speech, "I Have a Dream". This speech is and will always be a moment in history to be revered by all who have heard it. This speech has been transformed, revamped, by many people who have found pride in this speech. This famous line has been used by organizations as mission statements. This speech was said by the great Martin Luther King Jr. A good man, but in my honest opinion...not a great man. The man did a heck of a lot for the black community then and now. Monday is "Martin Luther King" Day. A day when this country came to a screeching halt so we can have parades and memorials to honor this man, a man that most of the world views as a saint for his role in the civil rights movement. Like I said, he was a good man in my eyes not a great one. He had his faults, which everyone does. One of King's closest friends, Rev. Ralph Abernathy, wrote a book in 1989 in which he talked about King's obsession with white prostitutes. Who does that to their boy?!?!?!? I respect him so much for all that he has done to inspire dreams inside all people. But what about Malcolm?? What about Malcolm??
I am an avid believer that Malcolm is to be respected and revered by many JUST LIKE MARTIN!!! Are we to forever criticize him because of his method? Just because he did not kowtow like Martin and took more of an aggressive approach, his underlying message was similar to Martin. People think he promoted violence which was not true. Look at one of his quotes: Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. He did not tell anyone to disobey the law. He did not say go out and fight for your rights. He just believed that we all should take a stand against injustice. Think what our mothers told us. If someone hits you, hit them back!!! Did she promote violence? No. She did not believe that her son should be beat on by anyone. Some people thought because he didn't have a formal education he didn't promote intelligence. The man educated himself in prison. Not formally but more education than most blacks and whites at that time. One of his famous quotes: Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. White people felt that he didn't like whites. Untrue again!! Another quote: I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color. He didn't accept the way whites treated his people and he believed in a firm stand against oppression. "You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom." This is a line that struck me hard. If you break down some of his famous quotes you can understand where his heart was at essence.
I am a firm believer that Malcolm should be just as celebrated as Martin. He was a very influential component in the movement of the 50s and 60s. You can not go through that time period without knowing Malcolm X. There is no way you can separate him from that time period and his accomplishments for Blacks. I wish the world would wake up and honor him the way that he should....thank you for taking a look in to My Thoughts...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please Help...

I'm sure many of you have heard by this point what has transpired in Haiti. For those of you who do not know: A earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude on the Richter scale, scale 1 to 10, ravaged the country of Haiti. At this point, there have been 17 aftershocks. There are more buildings down than up in the country of Haiti.
This really hurts me because i am Haitian myself. I have been to Haiti on a couple of occasions. Is the country poor? Yes?. But at the same time it is very beautiful. I was so excited at the notion of possibly going back this summer. This proud country and people have been afflicted to a point I don't know when it will bounce back. I have family members who i have still not heard from at this point. This is eating me up on the inside. All I can do is pray and assist in any way possible. My parents came from this country. They have instilled in me Haitian traditions that I will one day pass on to my children. Please give others the opportunity to one day do the same.
I am asking that you help to in any way that you can. PLEASE DONATE TO THE CAUSE. This is a very TRAGIC situation. Put yourselves aside for a moment and be willing to help another person out right now.!!

— To donate $10 to the American Red Cross, text Haiti to 90999. The amount will be added to your next phone bill. The organization is also accepting donations through its International Response Fund,

— To donate $5 to Wyclef Jean’s Haitian Yele charity, text 501501. The money will be added to your next phone bill.

— To find out how to help the International Rescue Committee, visit or call toll free, 1-877-REFUGEE.


Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Back..

I'm back to writing again....I told myself that I was going to write my first post on the 1st..but...ehhh..oh well..things happen. I promise everyone who may follow my blog that I WILL be a faithful blogger this year. I did alright last year but will make it work this year. I think I will try to encompass a bit of everything this year..sports, family issues, religion, etc. I will do better in expressing my thoughts about an issue.
That's all I have to say about that much...welcome back to My Thoughts...