Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is This Who You Are???

I was sitting down having a conversation with a friend of mine and we were talking about social networks. We were talking about how we have put ourselves out there to be on these networks. We were talking about some of these younger individuals and how they are putting themselves out there on these social networks. You see people who are known for being so vulgar, so sexual, so cruel, lack of discretion. He then made a remark about one person I know that he met on a social network. Before he told me who it was, he was telling me about how she was portraying herself to be this and that on this social network. She uses the dirtiest language and had some explicit content on the Internet about herself. Then he dropped the bomb on me and told me who is the culprit. I was shocked. I know this girl very well and she isn't half of what she portrays herself to be on that network..or is she??
I then went into some of my own self reflection..who am I portraying myself to be on these social networks?? When people backtrack me, what will they see?? I had to catch myself on that for real. I know who I am and what I would like to be seen as publicly. I have since having this conversation been much more attentive of what I am putting out on these networks. I still will be who I am. I just pay more attention as to what I am putting out there. I look at some people on these social networks and I think, this who you are really as a person?? I have seen people on these social networks degrade people so publicly and I wonder do they ever get that "pause" to think what if someone did that to them?? What does this say about your character?? I was talking to a friend who laughed because she said all these Christians praising God on Sunday were talking 4 hours ago how they were "getting it" in the club or drinking til they pass out. She called them hypocrites. I didn't want to go that far but that is what they portray themselves to be. It's hard for me to defend them. People will make some critiques on your character by what is presented to them.
I really hope this message finds you well people. I just really feel we all need to be a little more conscious of what we are presenting ourselves to be on these networks. If someone just comes across on your profile on any of these networks...a valid question they can as is : Is this who you are?? it? ......Thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts....