Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chicago: The City of Wind?? Or War??

Chicago. My city. My Home. My comfort. Now my comfort is slowly but surely turning to anything but comfort. It s turning into a city of violence and just murder. It is sad what is happening to my lovely home. It offers a lot of good thing s too. It offers great scenery, great food, great history,etc. It's a shame what the city is turning too. Now they are talking about bringing the national guard into the Chi. I want to say we don't need it but I am leaning towards the fact thatw e do. In fact, I want to say i know we do. We have had some of the most heinous deaths in Chicago. Shooting s have gone up too. Thank God they are not dying but shooting still continues to be a problem. I would love to rehabilitate these felons but after the story of a two-year old getting shot in the head recently, rehabilitation can take a back seat for a year or two. I just want these people off the streets and incarcerated for years to come. I wanted to go into a list of reasons as to why I feel this way but..it doesn't matter right now..the only thing that matters is that we clean up this city one criminal at a time....thanks for a taking a look into My Thoughts...

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