Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day...Are they appreciated???

Yesterday was Father's Day. A good day. A day to be remembered. A day that should be really publicized. A day where fathers should be hailed as king of their thrones. Man...........that day came and went. I swear half of you forgot it was father's day too. I saw so many people scrounging for a card talking about "damn, I shouldn't get that nigga nothing. He just paid the bills." I wanted to slap the hell out that girl ( I don't hit women). That is the lack of respect fathers get nowadays. Nowadays, I feel, most fathers aren't celebrated the way they should be celebrated. I didn't hear WGCI auctioning off no Father's day brunch, no Father's day concerts, no Father's day anything!!! Why because a dad's role in the family is under appreciated in my opinion. You may not agree but it's true. Then so many want to shout on all the mothers playing dads on the radio. Look, I commend all mothers who have to take on dual roles. I think it's an amazing thing to do. That's just messed up you won't hear anything about the fathers playing dual roles too. Just because a chick got custody of the kids doesn't mean she should have those kid. The movie Daddy's Little Girls exposes that well. Another thing that pissed me off is 92.3 is playing a song talking about" I didn't have no daddy around when I was growing, that's why I'm wild and don't give a f**k" On Father's Day!!! That is a damn slap in the face!!! I heard Boyz II Men A Song for Mama and Tupac Dear Mama countless times on the radio that day. You won't hear Doo Doo Brown on Mother's Day. Good gosh no!!! But on Father's Day you have the audacity to play that?!?!? Fathers are very unappreciated these days. A lot of people peg them for what they aren't doing rather than what they are doing. It's a damn shame. ....thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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