Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are Blacks Hopelessly Inferior???

When I first heard this question being posed by Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks, I was intrigued by this question. I thought about it and actually began leaning towards answering yes. I was ready to condemn Blacks to this fate. For that, I would be wrong. I was having lunch with a friend, Melissa, Monday and she said, " Every time I look at you, Darryl, and Alex it gives me hope that there are Black men doing something with themselves." It hit me because we serve as the reminder for her that there are good black men. I thought about my former job. I was a Site Manager for an after school tutoring company. It made me think about every time I taught a child a new concept and to look at the smile on their face because they know they learned something new. I can hear their voices," Mr. Daniel, come look. I did it!" Similar to my the hopes of my friend Melissa, in a different manifestation, those children give me hope that Blacks are not hopelessly inferior. As long as Blacks are willing to try, we will never be hopelessly inferior.
I will say this, Blacks must do a better job of carrying the torch that was initially passed on by former leaders of the civil rights movement and even the leaders back to the times of slavery. Blacks are a strong race with so much potential. They have invented many things, participated in many academic arenas, have partaken in different forms of politics, led historic movements, etc. There is no reason for the down turn of this new era. Are there things weighing against blacks? Absolutely. But it was the resilience of Blacks to never be broken that willed them to where they are now. Now Blacks are being broken by their own people and some of their own doing, which is a travesty to me. The image that is becoming prevalent is one of complacency, violence, disorganization, and every other negative stereotype you can assert. That wasn't always the case and I refuse to believe is the case now. But what is being taught to these children? What values are Blacks instilling in them? What hope is being left to these children? What will they aspire to be when there is an insufficient amount of aspiration in the community? Many communities of broken homes, complacency, violence, and sometimes poverty. I pray that Blacks wake up and realize how great they are, how great they've been, and how great they can be...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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melissa said...

First off, thanks for the shout-out D =).
I think that when people read this question initially, and even for myself, there is an immediate urge to say hek no. Especially because of the words used within this question, Hopelessly and Inferior. Hopeless for me implies having no possibility of a solution, and inferior denotes that we are somehow a substandard group. I honestly and truly believe that blacks are not hopelessly inferior people. As much as I love who I am, where I came from and the rich history that not only made me but us as a group, we cannot ignore the apathy towards blacks’ livelihood both within and outside the community. I can understand why one would pose this question and almost believe it. When you read the news, watch TV, listen to the radio, and just drive through the hood, you hear and see on a large level how we’re not living life to our full potential nor the potential of what so many that fought for us to become. I can be very critical of the black community and at the same time protect and defend it, but that comes from the love I have for us as a people. We can all read and hear stats about X amount of black males in jail, x amount of black people on drugs, murdered, don’t finish school, etc etc…My hope comes from seeing my family and friends who are not the statistic. I and will not believe that this group of mine is the only one reaching and striving to become more. Do we on a whole need to do and become better for ourselves and for those who will come after us, yes, of course. Are we hopelessly inferior people, NO. Children of God are never are hopeless or inferior.