Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm writing this blog as more of the appeal to my sisters of color. It is your time to shine. It is your time to make some changes in the struggles of the Black woman. I look on TV and I look around in the media and there isn't voice to campaign the plight of the forever struggling, forever, ignored, forever unjustly treated by society. Even in policy making for Blacks my sisters are slighted. It's a shame too because Black women are doing their thing in all fields of academia. Policies are made for Blacks but really for Black men, not Black women. Yet, it is our Black sisters who excelling in the fields of academics and in the professional atmosphere. While Black men are being locked up, Black women are graduating. Congratulations my sisters but someone needs to speak up and speak out. I don't mean an Oprah figure who hides behind her money and hear me out. I know she has built schools for kids in Africa and donates to various charities but when has she really spoken up CONSISTENTLY for the Black woman? What can she pillar herself on in regard to the plight of the Black woman? I know she had the Angel Network, which was amazing, but I still can't look at her as a pillar for Black Women. There needs to be more and more voices for Black women. Sister this is your time to take over.
I love the direction that you are heading in but overall there needs to be more done. A lot more done. We have the young black women in this day who are getting pregnant to early because of the lack of guidance. We have a lot of young black women who are dropping out of school. We have a lot of young black women who are prioritizing all the things that keep them hindered in society. Sisters...It's your time to teach those behind you how to be persistent and be successful. Sisters who are college graduates with kids, talk to younger sisters with kids and let them know that they need to keep going and advancing themselves. Sisters give these young girls guidance in what they need to make their priority. Black women need your voices and your work now. There are some influential Black women who are never heard of and do miraculous things. Be their voice too. Speak up and speak put about these women! The future of Black women need to know now. Speak up! I could go on and on but all I'm saying is be the voice to instill pride in the voices of tomorrow...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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