Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Our Black History Becoming History?

This is Black history Month. A month to celebrate the achievements and the strides that Blacks in the past have made to better the status of Blacks in America. We celebrate the days of no longer being slaves and basic human rights being denied to us, in ideology. We celebrate great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. who led many movements in hope of being in unison with one another. Malcolm X who taught us to take our freedom by any means necessary. Harriet Tubman who led many slaves to freedom the the Underground Railroad. Rosa Parks who plainly said no. I will not be moved. Fred Hampton who knew change was going to come. We celebrate all of these great people. But you know what? Nowadays, who cares? Who actually gives a damn about these things.

I'm serious as a heart attack. I love this month. I appreciate this month for what it is and what it has represented for a very long time. But what it represented does not carry the same valor as it used to even 10 years ago. The "new school" doesn't seem to care. I was talking to a mentee of mine and I asked who was Martin Luther King Jr. This little girl said he freed the slaves. I asked who was Rosa Parks. i was told she was Martin Luther King Jr's mother. I was appalled and I was told, " Why should I care who these people are or what they did? That happened so long ago." I wanted to choke my mentee. I told them you're benefiting from a legacy that they helped build. I got a shrug of indifference. That hit me so hard. It really makes me wonder will there be any significance of this month even ten years down the line. Where did this indifference come from? what is perpetuating this indifference amongst or own people? The kids don't care. Adults don't educate their children.

I pray people do not feel that we have made it. Black history is not stagnant. Black History is still being made. We JUST and FINALLY got a Black President but there has been SO MUCH MORE accomplished BEFORE his inauguration. There are so many young bright minds achieving great things in the Black community and in broader communities. We need to wake up out of our slumber before we lose all recognition of our great strides in Black History. Black History month is essential but we need to celebrate it everyday in this month especially! We need to revere our Black History. No other culture should be celebrating our Black History more than Blacks! We cannot let these children look at just athletes and musicians as our groundbreaking leaders in the Black Community. We need to keep telling our kids about the great leaders. They can aspire to be greater than those of the past. I wanted to be the next Malcolm X. I understand the times do not call for a leader of that magnitude but there are ways I can still be the next Malcolm X. I want to touch lives just like he did. I want to instill pride and value into the Black community. I will accomplish my dream. Please, don't let our Black History become History...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...


Anwar said...

Dear Daniel,

All history at some point in time becomes “history.” As you can probably remember about month ago we debated this very topic in your basement in regards to events in history and just as I felt then, I feel the same way now:

Here are my points

1. History will always hold significance but it losses RELEVANCE over time because.

The events that occur in our lives are ALWAYS leading us to the next events that occur in our lives, this makes them significant. On the other hand time forces us to extract details, events, and information that we have not found use for in our DAILY lives. So for example the writings, thoughts, and speeches that you have completed and created from yester-year have lead you to the point where you are now (significant) but how often do you look back on your papers and accomplishments from college, high school, and grammar school as inspiration (relevance).

2. In order for it to hold both (RELEVANCE and SIGNIFICANCE) you must be able to constantly connect the past and how it relates to the present.

The point that I am making has nothing to do with a linear or chronological manner. All students know that the events from 1776-2010 have lead us directly to the year 2011. It’s obvious, and in some cases too obvious. So it’s not about connecting the dots. My belief is that it’s more about bringing those events to LIFE. By creating activities that are reminders, inspiring, and informative pieces that provide guidance you can create an interest in that which appears to have little relevance.


Handsome_soul said...


I'm going to harp on your second point. My biggest thing is that we aren't even bringing history back to life. We aren't even bringing our history into existence to even be activities for us to do. Things will lose relevance to as long as you allow them to lose relevance. Christmas will never lose relevance because people don't allow it to lose relevance. Independence day doesn't lose relevance. It's the most patriotic time of the year dating back to 1776. Blacks let their bits of history lose relevance. They don't do enough to celebrate what our history COULD and SHOULD symbolize.