Friday, March 4, 2011

I Have Questions, I Need Answers

Today was supposed to be a triumphant day for me today. I got a job offer at a full time job finally. After almost a year of searching and praying, God granted me a full time job. I had to politely decline it unless they are willing to accommodate my school schedule. I couldn't believe what I was doing but I did it. I thought about it long and hard. I talked to my cousin about it and I'm thankful for good people like him. He assured me that I was really making the right decision and the more I think about it, I know I did. A lot of people would tell me you can always go back to school. This is very true but when would I? Would I return the further I progress in my career? What if I get married and a child comes into the equation.

My biggest point is I don't want to live a life full of questions. I don't want my life ending up with more what ifs than what happened. I want to answer questions of myself. I don't want to keep looking back at my life and see another opportunity pass me by from me not looking at a larger picture. A lot of us do this. We settle for short term relief than seeking a long term solution. We never look at a grander scheme for our lives. I understand certain situations don't enable this. I have been trusting God so long and he has never let me down. I am thankful for his provisions in my life. I know God didn't put school here for me for no reason. I just don't want these questions of myself. I will excel in life. I will be answering more of myself than leaving questions unanswered...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...


Miss Sara said...

You and I have "talked" about this before; Stepping out in Faith.

I was stuck in a career field for 13 years, miserable... because I was afraid to step out in faith for SO long.

I prayed... I got an opening... not in the way that I WANTED (I was fired from my job) BUT it was THE BEST thing that ever happened to/for me.

Keep trusting Him... You all ready know He will take care of you. There is MORE to life than benefits & a paycheck. I learned THAT the hard way. ;-)

Handsome_soul said...

You are right. There is a lot more to it. By the grace of God, I got the job and they accommodated me in everything that I wanted. God is faithful and God leads us where we need to be. Thanks for the kind words buddy