Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stop Judging Me!!!

Does anyone have those Christian friends who are the biggest Bible thumpers in the world? They do everything to THEIR interpretation of the Bible and how someone else explained it to them. They are very fervent in their efforts, which is a good thing. I would rather know where you stand in your faith in Christ. I know there was a time where I was torn in between showing what was on the inside of me in fear of rejection of others. Foolish right? Anyway, back to my point. We all have those friends. I have to be honest, they annoy me more than anything. I can kind of see why people feel that Christians can be judgmental and hypocritical. Not that it just dawned on me, but I really can see it more clearly.
I think one of the biggest problems with these people is that they tend to forget where they came from before they got there. I'm not saying these people were armed criminals or anything but no one starts that fervent in their faith. The same mistakes that they are criticizing most people for are the same mistakes that they have made at one point in their lives and some are still turning a blind eye towards. Some women want to chastise other girls because they have recently become celibate but it didn't start off like that. They throw more stones than they are encouraging. Turning your back on something that is innate in you, hormones, is very difficult for anyone. If you can remain celibate, amen. If it's a road you want to try, go for it. I encourage it. These Bible thumpers will cut knives into you saying, " you don't understand this about your salvation or that about your life." They tend to forget that they were too. They turn off a lot of people to the faith that I, myself, love. In my church we emphasize, the world and its desires are tough so we must work together to encourage one another. We know that there will be mistakes along the way. God will help us but let's encourage instead of passing all types of criticisms against those who have fallen short.
One more thing these people tend to forget, WE ARE ALL SINNERS!!! But I state this: THIS IS NO EXCUSE TO CARRY ON IN SIN!!! I REPEAT: THIS IS NO EXCUSE TO CARRY ON IN SIN!!! We are all bound to sin, one way pr another. There is no escaping it. Some of these Bible Thumpers tend to think that they have been absolved from all sin and will walk with very little errors. Sorry but you will make mistake after mistake.We are all prone to it. We all will be sinners. We must work to help each other to not make the same mistakes any longer. Christianity can be compared to detox. You admit you need help, Christ, and you submit to changing your life until you are free from this problem in your life. On the course, you may have a relapse but you don't quit. Keep trying until you get it right and get some support. Some of these Bible Thumpers need to get that. People need more of your support than your chastising for their shortcomings. I will stop short here..thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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