Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Challenge Yourself!

"When the tough get going, the going gets..." That will vary for each of you. You want to say you will be strong and some of you will be. You want to say you'll overcome the challenges ahead of you and some of you won't. I truly hope that you meet all challenges head on without fear of failure, ridicule, or embarassment. Meet thise challenges head on with confidence, pride, and ambition. Meet those challenges and be willing to work hard at it. Don't be afraid of what anyone has to say about your capabilities. They don't know you as well as you know yourself. They are not running the race for you.
When you feel yourself slipping away, concentrate and knuckle down. Concentrate and get back in the fight. You take a whooping before you start dishing out the whooping. Have a resolve that says I will not be defeated period! I will not let anything take this victory away from me. Challenge yourself to show yourself something that you didn't even know was there. Challenge yourself to show others why they should never bet against you. Some people will call you stupid. Some people will call you foolish. Some of your closest friends and family will not support you. So what? You are living for yourself, and God, and they cannot live your life for you. When the going gets tough, you get tougher! ...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brothers and Sisters...We Aren't Doing Enough..

" The number of black officials elected has risen from 100 in 1964 to more than 9000 today. The number of African Americans who were in Congress 30 years ago was about 5; today it is over 40, an 800 percent increase. But have Blacks experienced 800 percent increase in real power? It hasn't happened. So I think the emphasis of this liberal notion of social change by working solely within the established electoral system is fatally flawed." Manning Marable. I came across this quote and it hit me. Not that this quote opened some new light on me I didn't know before but it reaffirmed one thought: We Aren't Doing Enough.

I was watching Family Guy last night where Brian and Stewie came across the place of Gettysburg, an infamous battleground in the Civil War. They run up on a black guy and Stewie says: "You're Welcome." he was implying as in the black guy should be feeling gratitude for what the war did for Blacks. The Black guy says at this point we should be even. Stewie says not yet. Sadly enough, we are not even. If you look at this world now, we have made back slides in certain ways more than we have made strides ahead. Don't get me wrong, we have made some great, great steps forward but is it enough? With all the advantages that we have in this day and age, what real power have Blacks truly acquired? have we seen an increase in power? Please do not reference Obama. Obama is good man but in some ways, he was the best of a bad situation. I'm not saying he wasn't qualified. I'm not saying the man isn't trying to make some things happen in his position. He is fighting daily. What about us? What about Blacks? Are we fighting to gain more ground in America or are we slowly backsliding? I had to write an essay that pained me to write one day. the topic was: In 100 years, will there be any black men in college? 50 years ago you scoff at this notion because Black men were trying to be progressive. They were fighting for their lives. 50 years later, it's easier to believe this. And I know some of it is the government locking up our people. But let's really pay attention to the lifestyles we are actively participating in ourselves. We are killing ourselves faster than the Ku Klux Klan. Blacks are becoming a poison to Blacks. We are failing ourselves. We aren't doing enough in our community to look after one another. Back in the day we went to war for things that were important like education, peace, and fair treatment. Did the dream die with the deaths of Martin? Malcolm? Fred Hampton? We are becoming complacent in mediocrity. We are doing just enough. And yes, there are good, hard working Blacks who do so much to advance our race to this day. But are they receiving the backing by our own people to grow that into something spectacular? I think we have taken steps back than we have forward. The economy sucks now and they are cutting fund from programs a lot of poor blacks are benefiting from. My gosh people, we can't let ourselves be put in a position to be toppled. We have to hold firm and do more to gain our voice! Do more to gain our respect! Do more to gain our power!...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...