Friday, December 30, 2011

Blame Michael?? Blame Nike?? Be Honest...

Local activists and ministers are taking on one of the world's top sports brands. They're calling on Nike and Michael Jordan to change the way they sell the highly sought after Air Jordan sneakers.

Let me start off saying that when I saw this I was disgusted. I was taken back by the notion. I was appalled that people would have the AUDACITY to blame Nike and Michael Jordan for their own shortcomings in their neighborhoods. To even insinuate that Michael Jordan is part of the reason for the felonious behavior over a shoe is egregious! He is not to blame! You cannot blame him for releasing a shoe. Where is his crime in giving people a product they apparently crave? Did some violence spurt in 96 when the shoe was released? I'm sure. To this extent though of malicious hysteria? I highly doubt it. But do you know what's changed? Society. Standards. Values. And Nike is to blame for being exactly what they have always been? A business? How exactly did Nike market this shoes as well that caused violent behavior amongst people? A young man was killed for this shoe and that was very, very sad but you can't blame two entities for being exactly what they have been for years.Michael Jordan is a business man and Nike is a world class business. They were doing what they have been known to do for years and that is making money.
The problem really stems from the change in society, standards, and values. These things that used to be such a pillar of prosperity and hope are now turning into pillars of shame and derision. There was a time people used appreciate truly the labor of there hands. That still exists but now people want things in such an instant in any way they can get it, for some. People are losing the appreciation of working hard to raise enough money for something that you really desired. As time passes, more robberies and murder are taking place because the covet for these things are pushing people to immorality with out shame. The sad part is these activists who are calling on Nike and Jordan need to realize the problems is from within and is being perpetuated by family members and other forces in society. Lets' look at Alley Boy and his lyrics  in his song, which I can't believe broke MTV's rotation, Rob Me a Nigga:  

Shit can get into a nigga head when his digits low

Make you wanna send one of your friends to a funeral

Maybe me & him was never friends in the first place

Donít mean a thang cause share the same birthplace

Same city same hood but we down to kill each other for a dollar

Cause we want it in the worst way

Money talk & bullshit could walk a marathon

And I ainít scared of getting killed cause I'm getting mine

Who is at fault? Nike wrote this? Jordan is endorsing these thing? No people in society are doing a the job on their own! We live in a society where Social Darwinism is being taken to the extent that I'm very sure no one wished it has become. Violence over materialism? Sad. But people can't blame a responsibility that first falls on the community. Raise people with values. Raise people with a sense of personal pride knowing that a shoes like this shouldn't lead you to violence for it. Values have taken such a downturn in these communities as well. You don't fight in public over something so meaningless. Fight because it's a cause that means something like protecting your family. Fight for something that won't shame you, your family, or the community that raised you. And in that lies the problem too. Lack of values means a lack of shame perpetuated by you, your family, and your community. Lets' just be honest..We are to blame. Be honest with ourselves and put ideas together to re-integrate what used to be pillars of prosperity and pride...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts..

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