Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taking the L

Taking an L, a loss, is not easy at all to do. You work hard at something to see it succeed. Recently I took a huge L to me. I invested in something that succeeded but ultimately failed. It definitely hurt me but at the same time what do I take from it is just as important. I tell people this as well, never dwell on what went wrong, only on what you did right.

This is a profound quote that has stuck with me for years. And it's not to say never think on what you did wrong. You have to do that. How else can you grow? But if you start down a path of lament and all these other emotions, I guarantee you will never ever be able to get back on track when it is called for to be done again. You have to get back on track soon enough. So you dwell on what you did right to ask yourself where can you build from.there. There are things that you did right and are equally, if not more.important than the mistakes along the way. Take the L in stride. Grieve if you must but don't let it destroy you.

I'm back to blogging. Hope you all win join me again on my blog...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Friday, September 28, 2012


Regret. Such a harsh word. It really is because it is such a harsh feeling. It hurts when you look back at the mistakes you made, decisions you took or didn't take, let downs you've experienced by your own hands or of others. Plain and simple, it hurts. Damn, it hurts. I tell you though, once you start settling to live in regret you have ceased to live. Your life is stuck in the past. Your life has no vision of moving forward because you are so concerned with your past. Some things that you can't change and some that you can. But still, mind focused in the past. I have been victim of this a lot. Kicking myself for many, many decisions I have made. I feel, at times, like I am destined to make a bad decision. Rough right? And this is what living a life of regret looks like.

Regret is a bad feeling for anyone. I know I have felt that way for a long time. Now, not so much. I try to be objective and honest with myself. Look where I have screwed up and look at the underlying reason why I have screwed up. Look to make a better decision when presented with the opportunity again. The great thing about regret though is that it does make you focus on your error. If you are committed to a better life for yourself, think about that error and how the heck you fix it. Or if you can't fix it per se, how do you learn and grow from it.

Look forward. Stop looking back people. I need to tell myself that. Looking back keeps you stuck and never moving forward. Make a commitment to progress. Make a commitment to what you can change instead of focusing on the decision you made to keep you in regret...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Own Worst Enemy

I wrote a post a little while ago asking do we hate our women? I talked about how the Black race is the only race that publicly goes out of its way to humiliate our Black women. We are the only race to talk about our women and denigrate them so bad for public notoriety. Now I ask do we just hate ourselves? Do we just hate anything Black? People are going to say no we don't but look at ourselves. At what point do we look at our conscience and realize that our life does not have to be this way. We are living to become extinct! I know that sounds crazy but there are some of us who are dead while living. We have become a detriment to ourselves in some ways. 

I am from Chicago. Chicago is a very beautiful city. Our new moniker is "Building a New Chicago." Not to say Chicago is all horrible that it needs to be fixed up but I definitely say it needs some work in some areas. Chicago has become a murder capital of the U.S. Philly is the only city worse off. Chicago through 6 months has suffered through 976 shootings. With a half a year to go! As of June 12th, 228 people had been slain, up 35 percent from 169 in the same period last year. There have been 976 shootings up 11 perecnt from 881 last year. We are living to become extinct! We are destroying each other at an exponential rate...sadly. It's not race versus race. It's Black on Black crimes mostly. Out of those 976 shootings, I can assume that more than 80% have been shootings by our people on our people. Have we become our greatest enemy?

When people in the community they deserve better, things will change. But their apathy is destroying the community now.There are too many people in the community who are living in a bubble of apathy and contentment which in turn is detroying our community. I already talked about killing in the community and how that's absurd. But what about those who are in community committing homicide without committing an act of violence. Hear me out. There are many people who are in the community who know the ones that are destroying the community and protect them. Say nothing, Let them run rampid. I don't want to see another Black man in prison. But I would rather have another Black man in prison than another Black victim of someone else's foolishness. Why does it take death close to home before we begin to speak up? I kow the problems run deep on a socioeconomic level that is killing us already but we have to have some accountability for what belongs to us. Our young Black men celebrate being alive after the age of 25. That's a shame in itself. What race deals with this "achievement" besides us? People in the community have to want better for themselves in a major way. They have to realize they want better for themselves! We deserve better! We deserve to be elite! We deserve the same protection as white people receive! We deserve a fair education! We deserve better. Wake up!!...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Keep Yourself in the Driver Seat of your Emotions

Too many people are giving the keys of their emotions to others and are sitting in the passenger seat blindly. To this I say, CUT IT OUT! People are willing to let other people drive heir emotions more than they should to me. I heard a conversation with my best friend talking and he was telling me how his girlfriend asked him, “Is she the source of his happiness?" God bless that man, he told her,"No!" He was wise enough to tell her this and understand that don't let other people be in the driver seat of your emotions of feelings. From love to sadness. You have to be in control. You have to steer your emotions in the direction that YOU KNOW where it should go.

If you sit in the passenger seat, you can only hope that the driver will steer the car to a safe destination. But sometimes, the driver doesn't take the route that you envision and end up driving to a whole different location. A location you don't even recognize. Think about that. We can't let people have so much control over the wheel. It can turn into an ugly situation. Don't sit in the passenger seat blindly not knowing where things are going or you are more destined to land somewhere else. Your GPS is set here and the other person's GPS is set elsewhere. It happens. The only thing you can do for yourself is to make sure this is going where you want it to go. So if you see that the route traveled is looking bad, get off at the next exit, and avoid that nonsense. Or kick that person out the driver seat, and let them hitchhike to their destination.

This is what we let people do with our emotions. This seems like a simple concept right? WRONG!! So many people let other people drive their vehicle of emotions and feelings. They give up the keys and just don't look up to see are they still on the same route. You have to stay in the driver seat. The heart is a fragile thing. When you choose to let other people make a decision what to do with your heart, you are taking a risk. And yes, love is a risk. I understand that. But just like when you're driving you have to look at the signs! This mean you taking control and paying attention to the caution signs and possibly having to detour off that road you're traveling on. You see the signs but when you let other people drive the car, they may blow right past he signs nonchalantly and here you go in a predicament. But you saw the signs! What did you do? Turned a blind eye, buckled u, hoped for the best, and hope the car doesn't flip over on this unsafe road. But you knew better and you did nothing. Now who is at fault? You know the person may not be as careful as you or may be blowing passed the signs, but you just hoped for the best rather than take control. You didn't tell them to pull this car over and let you have your car back. What happened now? An accident that could have been avoided. Some of us are still allowing these people back in driver seat. Why? You need to be hurt in another accident? Take the wheel! You drive your emotions. Some roads seem like they have no exits for miles and miles but you'll run into one if you are looking to get off that road..thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Day, Same Dollar

"It is time this Congress listened to the American people and minimum-wage workers, and it is time that we act."
Russ Carnahan
I have been working on a project recently that has really been embodied by this statement above. I can't talk about the project directly but definitely stay tuned if you're in the city of Chicago. Life in America, even in the midst of an economic.downturn nationally, has become more expensive. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, life is really becoming a hassle. Nowadays people are taking jobs that pay that minimum wage just to stay afloat. These jobs don't give good wages and they don't do a good job of wage increase. The cost to be current has become such a struggle and businesses don't care about that. Many people are struggling just to be broke. Many people are working places they can't shop at a day in their life. To me that's awfully sad. The American dream is turning into a joke. A college degree gets you a little more than a high school degree which has lessened the value of such a great accomplishment. Lord knows they aren't paying us for it. People get stuck in jobs out of necessity just to have enough. Then Congress won't help to pay people more, especially minimum wage persons. I understand that's the job, but pay them with some type of respect.
My little man go to bed so hungry Get up, go to school with his nose runny Come home with his nose bloody His sister laughin', he like, "What's so funny?" 'Til she drowned out by the sounds of hunger pains in his tummy"
Talib Kweli
I said the cost of food is going up. How many kids do you think are running around here as the one desrcibed above? I'm very sure there are too many. So many to the point, where this country ought to be ashamed. Ashamed because the price of food is becoming so costly, you can barely afford to survive is what it's looking like. When people can't even live with an iota of abundancy, that is really sad. Poverty is a fight I don't really feel America is really fighting against. They have let the richest 1% get away with all types of tax breaks and accommodations. The government should be taxing them harder to set funds aside to help with poverty and other things. We need to change people. Really need to change! We need to push ourselves and rally ourselves to a greater good. They can drown the voices out of one but not the voices of many...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts..

It Will All Be Different

There are things in our life where we know the effects are life changing. We know that things are going to never be the same from here on out no matter how much you may want things to be positive or stay the same in some instances. Strike that notion from your mind. It will all be different from here on out. You just have to accept that.

There are some things that have happened in my life I just wonder like did I do this right. Did I make the right decision here? And I realize from what I did or didn't do, I set things in a course of motion where I know everything will all be different. From things at work to interactions with others, everything has changed. It will all be different and sometimes it's a good thing. Other times, not so much. In my life, I have dealt with the not so much. I have made decisions based on fear, indecisiveness, bravado, anger, and a host of other ill-mannered mindsets. And when you do this, you must realize everything will be different.

Initially it may look good but turn out to be a total disaster. Initially it may look like a disaster to a good thing. You roll the dice with that each time but in the end things change. That's just the way it is. The change can start off gradual or very instant. You have to be ready for both. Not a lot of people deal with change well. I know in some cases I do, in some cases, not at all. I try to keep a good attitude towards change but it's not easy for some of those harder situations. But it's necessary. Sometimes it can be so great if you are willing to see it all through to the end. And yes, it may be different but that who said different is always bad? It can be but it can be such a new world of opportunity at the same time...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

Monday, March 12, 2012

We are Still Afraid to Bleed

Malcolm X has a speech entitled, We Afraid to bleed. He talks about for the revolution of that time and folks were afraid of bloodshed to get what they wanted. He did NOT mean to start a war or to start killing but to not be afraid to stand up in the face of injustice. Not to be afraid to stand up and say that we will not lay down in the face of violence and injustice. But we stand up and fight back if needed. But it will take a united effort to show that we are not willing to take what is given to us.
Today we are still afraid to bleed. We aren't bleeding for the same things but we are still afraid! We are afraid to unite around the stopping the violence  from our own people in fear of death while innocent children are dying! Too many children have been lost to some one who should have been locked up ages ago. We are afraid to bleed for our education. We are surely becoming left in the background educationally. We are not uniting ourselves the way we should over education. We have been sucked into a complacency of just attending. Mediocrity has become a prison. We have to be strong and we have to push ourselves to be great! We have to sacrifice to be great. We have to push ourselves to make sure our voices don't go unheard in the near and distant future because we refuse to work hard as an individuals & collectively. We have to work as a unit! We have to sacrifice and bleed. Bleed everyday for our ongoing cause!...thank you for taking a look in My Thoughts...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eddie Long..My Gosh

I heard about the fiasco of Eddie Long crowning himself king on earth. I had so many words for his stunt. I couldn't believe this IDIOT could pull such a stunt. The man just got back from a long hiatus from the church for his actions with little boys. Then the man is now going through some very tough marital problems. He comes back to church and pulls this stunt. Making himself king! What?!?! Then by a rabbi! Oh wait, the FAKE Rabbi! Rev Dr. Wil Gafney, Hebrew Bible Professor at Lutheran Seminary said about the video that Long’s “rabbi” Messer is not a member of any traditional Jewish movement, he did not represent any recognizable Jewish thought or practice in his misrepresentations of the Torah. Moreover, she remarked, “it is unfortunate that the speaker chose to plunder the sacred traditions of Judaism as he invented novel interpretations of biblical texts and imagery to affirm and elevate a leader who had admittedly broken the sacred trust between pastor and congregant.” It is quite unfortunate that this man wants that much fame and that much attention that this narcissistic, ego maniacal "Bishop" would go this far. 
Having a fake rabbi declare him “King” of a fading, dying mega-church is a joke, but what is not are the deluded New Birth Members cheering him on. He had people yelling for him like this man was Christ reincarnated. How dare these folks accept this act on arrogance! Yes, Arrogance! He was so sure that his misguided members would be OK with it that he probably WELL-PLANNED fiasco.
Not many more words for this but...shame on you Bishop Long...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...