Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eddie Long..My Gosh

I heard about the fiasco of Eddie Long crowning himself king on earth. I had so many words for his stunt. I couldn't believe this IDIOT could pull such a stunt. The man just got back from a long hiatus from the church for his actions with little boys. Then the man is now going through some very tough marital problems. He comes back to church and pulls this stunt. Making himself king! What?!?! Then by a rabbi! Oh wait, the FAKE Rabbi! Rev Dr. Wil Gafney, Hebrew Bible Professor at Lutheran Seminary said about the video that Long’s “rabbi” Messer is not a member of any traditional Jewish movement, he did not represent any recognizable Jewish thought or practice in his misrepresentations of the Torah. Moreover, she remarked, “it is unfortunate that the speaker chose to plunder the sacred traditions of Judaism as he invented novel interpretations of biblical texts and imagery to affirm and elevate a leader who had admittedly broken the sacred trust between pastor and congregant.” It is quite unfortunate that this man wants that much fame and that much attention that this narcissistic, ego maniacal "Bishop" would go this far. 
Having a fake rabbi declare him “King” of a fading, dying mega-church is a joke, but what is not are the deluded New Birth Members cheering him on. He had people yelling for him like this man was Christ reincarnated. How dare these folks accept this act on arrogance! Yes, Arrogance! He was so sure that his misguided members would be OK with it that he probably WELL-PLANNED fiasco.
Not many more words for this but...shame on you Bishop Long...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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