Friday, April 13, 2012

Keep Yourself in the Driver Seat of your Emotions

Too many people are giving the keys of their emotions to others and are sitting in the passenger seat blindly. To this I say, CUT IT OUT! People are willing to let other people drive heir emotions more than they should to me. I heard a conversation with my best friend talking and he was telling me how his girlfriend asked him, “Is she the source of his happiness?" God bless that man, he told her,"No!" He was wise enough to tell her this and understand that don't let other people be in the driver seat of your emotions of feelings. From love to sadness. You have to be in control. You have to steer your emotions in the direction that YOU KNOW where it should go.

If you sit in the passenger seat, you can only hope that the driver will steer the car to a safe destination. But sometimes, the driver doesn't take the route that you envision and end up driving to a whole different location. A location you don't even recognize. Think about that. We can't let people have so much control over the wheel. It can turn into an ugly situation. Don't sit in the passenger seat blindly not knowing where things are going or you are more destined to land somewhere else. Your GPS is set here and the other person's GPS is set elsewhere. It happens. The only thing you can do for yourself is to make sure this is going where you want it to go. So if you see that the route traveled is looking bad, get off at the next exit, and avoid that nonsense. Or kick that person out the driver seat, and let them hitchhike to their destination.

This is what we let people do with our emotions. This seems like a simple concept right? WRONG!! So many people let other people drive their vehicle of emotions and feelings. They give up the keys and just don't look up to see are they still on the same route. You have to stay in the driver seat. The heart is a fragile thing. When you choose to let other people make a decision what to do with your heart, you are taking a risk. And yes, love is a risk. I understand that. But just like when you're driving you have to look at the signs! This mean you taking control and paying attention to the caution signs and possibly having to detour off that road you're traveling on. You see the signs but when you let other people drive the car, they may blow right past he signs nonchalantly and here you go in a predicament. But you saw the signs! What did you do? Turned a blind eye, buckled u, hoped for the best, and hope the car doesn't flip over on this unsafe road. But you knew better and you did nothing. Now who is at fault? You know the person may not be as careful as you or may be blowing passed the signs, but you just hoped for the best rather than take control. You didn't tell them to pull this car over and let you have your car back. What happened now? An accident that could have been avoided. Some of us are still allowing these people back in driver seat. Why? You need to be hurt in another accident? Take the wheel! You drive your emotions. Some roads seem like they have no exits for miles and miles but you'll run into one if you are looking to get off that road..thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts..

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