Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Own Worst Enemy

I wrote a post a little while ago asking do we hate our women? I talked about how the Black race is the only race that publicly goes out of its way to humiliate our Black women. We are the only race to talk about our women and denigrate them so bad for public notoriety. Now I ask do we just hate ourselves? Do we just hate anything Black? People are going to say no we don't but look at ourselves. At what point do we look at our conscience and realize that our life does not have to be this way. We are living to become extinct! I know that sounds crazy but there are some of us who are dead while living. We have become a detriment to ourselves in some ways. 

I am from Chicago. Chicago is a very beautiful city. Our new moniker is "Building a New Chicago." Not to say Chicago is all horrible that it needs to be fixed up but I definitely say it needs some work in some areas. Chicago has become a murder capital of the U.S. Philly is the only city worse off. Chicago through 6 months has suffered through 976 shootings. With a half a year to go! As of June 12th, 228 people had been slain, up 35 percent from 169 in the same period last year. There have been 976 shootings up 11 perecnt from 881 last year. We are living to become extinct! We are destroying each other at an exponential rate...sadly. It's not race versus race. It's Black on Black crimes mostly. Out of those 976 shootings, I can assume that more than 80% have been shootings by our people on our people. Have we become our greatest enemy?

When people in the community they deserve better, things will change. But their apathy is destroying the community now.There are too many people in the community who are living in a bubble of apathy and contentment which in turn is detroying our community. I already talked about killing in the community and how that's absurd. But what about those who are in community committing homicide without committing an act of violence. Hear me out. There are many people who are in the community who know the ones that are destroying the community and protect them. Say nothing, Let them run rampid. I don't want to see another Black man in prison. But I would rather have another Black man in prison than another Black victim of someone else's foolishness. Why does it take death close to home before we begin to speak up? I kow the problems run deep on a socioeconomic level that is killing us already but we have to have some accountability for what belongs to us. Our young Black men celebrate being alive after the age of 25. That's a shame in itself. What race deals with this "achievement" besides us? People in the community have to want better for themselves in a major way. They have to realize they want better for themselves! We deserve better! We deserve to be elite! We deserve the same protection as white people receive! We deserve a fair education! We deserve better. Wake up!!...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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