Friday, September 28, 2012


Regret. Such a harsh word. It really is because it is such a harsh feeling. It hurts when you look back at the mistakes you made, decisions you took or didn't take, let downs you've experienced by your own hands or of others. Plain and simple, it hurts. Damn, it hurts. I tell you though, once you start settling to live in regret you have ceased to live. Your life is stuck in the past. Your life has no vision of moving forward because you are so concerned with your past. Some things that you can't change and some that you can. But still, mind focused in the past. I have been victim of this a lot. Kicking myself for many, many decisions I have made. I feel, at times, like I am destined to make a bad decision. Rough right? And this is what living a life of regret looks like.

Regret is a bad feeling for anyone. I know I have felt that way for a long time. Now, not so much. I try to be objective and honest with myself. Look where I have screwed up and look at the underlying reason why I have screwed up. Look to make a better decision when presented with the opportunity again. The great thing about regret though is that it does make you focus on your error. If you are committed to a better life for yourself, think about that error and how the heck you fix it. Or if you can't fix it per se, how do you learn and grow from it.

Look forward. Stop looking back people. I need to tell myself that. Looking back keeps you stuck and never moving forward. Make a commitment to progress. Make a commitment to what you can change instead of focusing on the decision you made to keep you in regret...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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I feel you. Thanks.