Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taking the L

Taking an L, a loss, is not easy at all to do. You work hard at something to see it succeed. Recently I took a huge L to me. I invested in something that succeeded but ultimately failed. It definitely hurt me but at the same time what do I take from it is just as important. I tell people this as well, never dwell on what went wrong, only on what you did right.

This is a profound quote that has stuck with me for years. And it's not to say never think on what you did wrong. You have to do that. How else can you grow? But if you start down a path of lament and all these other emotions, I guarantee you will never ever be able to get back on track when it is called for to be done again. You have to get back on track soon enough. So you dwell on what you did right to ask yourself where can you build from.there. There are things that you did right and are equally, if not more.important than the mistakes along the way. Take the L in stride. Grieve if you must but don't let it destroy you.

I'm back to blogging. Hope you all win join me again on my blog...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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