Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's All Make Black History

Now let me just say this, we all won't end up in a history book. But let's think, why do we celebrate Black History? What is the significance of celebrating black history month? I think it gives everyone a chance to reflect, not dwell on the past, and search their inner souls to see what they can do to make tomorrow better than today through celebrating the accomplishments of the past.

Again, we all won't make a history book but we all can still build on the foundations of the past to continue the legacy left for us to build. A lot of the people who are celebrated in BHM probably never had sites of ever being portrayed as a pioneer of anything. They never had aspirations to be celebrated as a leader of this movement or that movement. They were just being who they were at that time and committed themselves to their own greatness, which eventually was noticed by others. Martin Luther King probably didn't write the I Have a Dream speech at the age of 20-21. Probably wasn't thinking about it. But through him pushing himself to a life of service, leadership, and greatness, he was eventually noticed and propelled to be an icon.

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