Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Sigma Man I Am...

"Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity IIIIIIINCORPORATED was founded January 9th, 1914 on the campus of Howard University by Most Honorable Big Brother A. Langston Taylor, Most Honorable Big Brother Leonard F. Morse, Most Honorable Big Brother Charles I. Brown. The motto is culture for service, service for humanity. The principle are Brotherhood, Scholarship, and service. The national programs are Bigger and Better Business, Education, and Social Action."
For six weeks five days one hour and fifty-three minutes and 39 seconds, I gave myself over to the pledge process of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. That was a time in my life I never forget and in some ways hope to forget, if that makes sense. It was a rough road to say the least searching for Phi Beta. The road was hard to Sigma land but when I arrived, I have yet to regret one day. There is not one day that goes by where I think I would not have made it. I knew I would join this great organization. An organization of great men joined by a unity of purpose but also an amalgamation of different persons.
Sigma as we know means the sum. If you have truly embraced the organization than you too as a member are a sum. I am the sum of the history of this organization which has persisted throughout the years. I am the sum of Hosea Williams, A. Phillip Randolph, George Washington Carver, Our Most Honorable Founders, my local chapters, my line brothers, and other brothers from seas to sea. I would like to take this time to be more specific.
I am the sum of the Iota Alpha Chapter Phi Beta Sigma. Iota Alpha is an interesting bunch. I love my chapter. We are the Thunderdome and we wear it proudly. We love being the Mothership of the region. We walk with an arrogance about us I love. Good or bad, you know the Thunderdome and I appreciate that. I also love to see the examples of my Prophytes like Chris Morris, Jason Thomas, Ronel Hammond, etc. I have learned something from each one I can admire. And not just them, others as well. We may not talk a lot but love and respect is always there. Always. That chapter has taught me lessons about being a man and overcoming. I learned so much through trial by fire. It made me upset at some guidance I didn't get but we don't hold hands in IA. Thank you.
I am the sum of Iota Nu Sigma. I appreciate this chapter so much. There is a collection of professional men in this chapter with different backgrounds. Each brings a breadth of knowledge so many different things. Skills which I possessed, this chapter has helped me refine. They have also held my feet to the fire. They do it not to chastise but to teach. Certain mistakes you can make because you have BROTHERS who want to see you just do your damn job right. I find that from Brothers like Kevin Davis, Renaldo Dixon, Cedric McCay, etc. I get spiritual fuel from good Brothers like Andre McKinstry and Talae Perry. I appreciate you all. I have learned something from each of you. I have also great mentors like Quincy Roseborough and Charles Talbert. Each one has taught me what it is to truly be a great Sigma man. Taking what Iota Alpha has sent me with and what Iota Nu Sigma has taught me as well and being a model Brother. These two have been great teachers to me and for that I am grateful.
Lastly I will reference one man who I have grown to admire so much. I mentioned him already: Charles Talbert. Charles Talbert is a brother and father to me. I do have a great father in my own life but Charles is a great guy who I have had the pleasure to get to know in Sigma. I want to be the summation of Charles Talbert in some ways, minus the pounds. (Lol. You knew it was coming). But Charles has been a brother I have watched just worked and let his accolades come to him by just doing the work of Sigma. He seeks no awards and just has grown to be such a respected man in every endeavor of his life. He has let me confide in him and learn from him. Charles if you ever read this, I am grateful. I want you to know that.
I am a proud Sigma man. I am proud of the direction that our great organization is taking to establish ourselves as the premiere organization. I will always pledge my loyalty to this organization as a servant and financial member. Thank you Sigma for how you have helped me grow as a man and a brother. Happy Centennial...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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