Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A year later or so...

       Man, has life changed for me. Last year around this time I was leaving my job with the union to join an organization that was devoted to the empowerment and betterment of Millennials. I HATED my union job so I was more than ready to leave it. That job caused me so much stress and took time away from the things I loved and persons I loved. Hell, I was working while on vacation in freaking Panama!!! I was pissed needless to say. Anyway, I left that job. Working with Millenials and the project I was hired for was a great teaching experience. I really learned a great deal from my former supervisor Sara. Man, she was the best. Easily, one of the best bosses I have ever had. She held me to a standard but was very thoughtful about the work, even if she didn't believe in every practice of the work which I can respect. She taught me certain processes that I am using today at my current gig which I appreciate her so much for instilling in me.
       In October, I left that job to work in the space I am currently. I love the atmosphere and the work we do. Not all my people are exactly supportive of me and the job. Some loved ones hate the fact I travel so much and it keeps me away from them. However, I get a bit upset at times about that. I get their logic and their own needs of me but sometimes, I find it hard to feel that they are genuinely happy for me. That I find very troubling in my spirit at times. And again, I get their reasons not to like why I travel but it seems they don't get that this is a part of my life. I am happy for the first time in years at a job and they don't see that. They are happy in the space they are in mostly. Why is it wrong for me to be the same?...Thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts..