Friday, June 3, 2016

My Greatest Enemy is My Inner Me

My greatest enemy is not some person who loves to run their mouth about me. My greatest enemy is not there person who hurt my feelings in some way that I still haven't recovered from. My greatest enemy is myself. I think that goes for everyone.
We all have a tendency to work so hard against ourselves. Why do we do it? I have no clue. It's so counterproductive and so dumb but we do it over and over again for a multitude of reasons. I do it a lot to myself as well. Telling myself lies which become truths because I let myself be conformed to these malicious thoughts against my own self. We all let these things happen. It manifests itself in a variety of ways. In our self conflicts, family conflicts , weight loss, school , relationships, etc. The hard part about is the enemy it knows where exactly to hit us.
But the good thing is we know everything about our enemy. That little voice in our heads that kills us can be transformed into a great supporter. Myles Munroe said this: "It takes just as much faith to believe you are going to fail as it takes to believe you will succeed. You might as well use that faith properly." We have to learn to do that at all times...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...

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