Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's the Principle of the Matter

OK. I am trying to be a man of more principle. I think we all would like to view ourselves as people of principle. At least I hope. And those principles are the things that drive our decision-making, good or bad. Because of my principles in regards to the treatment of Black people, I can not and will not under any condition endorse nor vote for Hilary Clinton. The sins that the Clinton committed towards Black people are just too much for me to ever endorse her for anything.

I assume many of you have read the wonderful piece by Michelle Alexander at this . If not, go ahead and read it. She is well-known for her book: The New Jim Crow. In this recent piece written by Ms. Alexander, she clearly articulates as to why the Clintons have done little to NOTHING to earn the loyalty of the Black vote. Please read it!!

Look, let me say this. If you want to vote for Hilary because you feel she is the best candidate, I totally understand and support you exercising your democratic right to vote. After all, it is your choice. I just know for me, I can't do it. I cannot bring myself to support a Clinton when I think about how their policies have ravaged Black people. They are not the worst of human beings. I'm sure of that. I will not demonize them as people but I very much hate the policy they put in place which has done so much harm to Black people, men in particular. They made deep cuts to programs which have left the Black race reeling even years later. How many young boys to men had their futures snatched from them? Then saying they can't be educated in part of "rehabilitation" for their crimes? 

Yes, in recent years they have apologized but what have they done to make it right? President Barack Obama at the NAACP conference last year talked heavily about sentencing reform. The Clinton should have been campaigning across the nation in an apology campaign with real steps and policy to make amends. Hilary does address this in her campaign but she has no real policy. Just ideas like many people running. 

Read Ms. Alexander's piece please. As I said, it's a matter of principle as to why I will NOT vote for Hilary. Apologies are cute and all but usually followed with progressive steps and ACTIONS to make it better. I have yet to see the latter...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts..