Sunday, February 28, 2016

Red Flags

The color Red. When we think of the color red, we think of it being the color of passion. Think about it. When we see women in very provocative/sexy red dresses, eyes and loins become excited. A lot of lingerie is red. On Valentine’s Day, there is so much red on that day. Hearts are red. Roses are red and are seen as the typical flowers to be sent. But sometimes the red means something else. Stop. Do not pass go. Something is wrong to the point you should not try and pass this point. That is the red we often try to ignore in life. Those red flags.

Why are we so afraid of those red flags in our lives? Could it be those red flags mean you have to stop this route to your desired destination? Possibly. Honestly, people hate to acknowledge the red of halting or correction. Yet, we have a tendency to blitz through those red flags and signs because we want it our way, on our terms. Often times that is a mistake. Red sometimes means you need to be saved from yourself.

Let’s look at it…

Some people in our lives are trying to show you the red flags. There will be some people who will come in our lives who we don’t want to believe are not good for us so instead we ignore all the red flags. Big mistake. You have to look at the red flags and address them. It will help guide your decision making on how/if you should move forward with your relationship. I am a firm believer you should confront those red flags early with the person. I think you should give the other party an opportunity to correct/change what gives you pause. There are extreme cases you just say 2 fingers: Peace! As I said, there are some red flags we have to acknowledge. Acknowledge this person may not need to be in your life. Not because they are a bad person, and they may be, but because the pain of this relationship may be a bit too much. You could catch yourself hurting all the time at the very things which gave you pause from the beginning. Please, don’t do that to yourself. Be strong and walk away. You won’t see it now but you have done yourself and that party the biggest favor.

Sometimes the job you are trying to show you the red flags. We have jobs where we are feeling under-appreciated and we are not growing. Those are red flags you MUST pay attention to if you plan to grow yourself into a better person over all. I have been at jobs where I’m like, “why am I doing this?’ I know I need the check but seriously, I am not going anywhere. Particularly, a few years ago, I left a job I loathed. I knew I wasn’t passionate about it. The job I left it for was so great. I made more $$. I got to display talent and learn some newer ones. That job lost funding and I ended up back at the previous one. I told myself maybe I could like it a bit more now that I know the ropes. The same red flags that made me leave smacked me right in my face in week 2 of me being there. For 4 months daily, I applied to new jobs and interviewed for ones I didn’t get. I knew if I stayed there too long, I would never be where I am today. I work a job which has afforded me to live in two cities, let me be part of real strategy building, makes me feel appreciated, and cares about the places I want to grow in.

I could ramble on about more scenarios but it’s unnecessary. Just be sure to be sure you are looking at the red flags in your life. Confront them. If there is nothing you can do to make them go away when it’s in the control of another party, then move on. That is in your control…thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts…