Monday, February 29, 2016

I'm the Problem. I'm the Solution

I said this on Facebook the other day, " The hardest thing for unhappy people to do is: Make Changes". That is such a true statement in itself. Many of us, don't want to execute the change that could be the difference in our happiness.

We sadly dwell in our unhappiness and settling more often than what we need to in life. Why do we do that? It seems unfathomable that we would subject ourselves to that level of complacency but we do it far too often. I have always said my greatest enemy is my inner me. That is the truth. How many times have we told ourselves what we can't do? Do you catch yourself just being the least hopeful about your situation while everyone around you believes in you?

Sometimes our problem is that we talk a lot about what we want for our lives and our future but haven't exactly taken the steps to get there. I blogged about this earlier, about how we settle into our comfort zones. I know that I settled in mine in a few areas. I nearly lost some things that meant a lot to me because of it and rightfully so. I got complacent in my success and there is no security in comfort. Sounds weird right? Again there is no security in comfort. Comfort can make you weak. Comfort can ruin ambition. When you're uncomfortable that's where you dig deep and make demands of yourself to be better.

So the solution is simple: Make changes. Some people say, "I'm afraid of change. Or I don't take change well." Well work through it because what you're doing now isn't working! We are our biggest barriers in life sometimes and I know that drives us nuts at times. I know it does to me when I get my head out of my ass to realize it. Change isn't easy by no means, but what do you lose by trying something different? We all can be the answer to our problems if we are willing to change...thank you for taking a look into My Thoughts...